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  1. It was the first time that I attended the march for life with my children on March 2011. I thought my children were ready to learn one of the ways that we can stand up for our beliefs, there are always risks were the children can be injured in big concentrations of people because of the limit of space, however I thought “Canadians are polite, there is not too much risk”, then, during the march we had to faced those people who were upset because we stand for the truth; the natural way for mothers to protect their children from any crazy reaction of those people were to place them in the middle and explain to them that those people were upset because they do not want to attend God’s will.
    Before we finish our walk we had to face something that we were not told… I witness more than one mother in a hurry trying to reach their children because they were ahead of them, putting them again in the middle of the multitude, what was happening? then I saw those big pictures showing the aborted children in all different ways, I was despair… my daughter 12 years old was one block ahead of me, my boys 5 and 7 years old were asking me what was that… I was not ready to explain to my little ones something that shock me when I saw it for the first time when I studied criminal law.
    I felt betrayed, I went with my children to support life and they had to see death!
    It was never advertised that it was not a family event. That it was only for adults who doesn’t care about children, that stand only for a death child but not for the one who lives.
    I have heard about other families who do not attend this march any more because of that.
    I just found out that the group that shows those pictures is the group that you advertise in your page and I decided to write this note.
    I would like to quote a Bible reference for the people that belongs to Show the Truth…”What terrible things will come on the world through scandal! It is inevitable that scandal should occur. Nonetheless, woe to that man through whom scandal comes! (Matthew 18, 7) and other one: “He would be better off thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck than giving scandal to one of these little ones” (Luke 17, 2).
    We are a community, and everyone counts specially our little ones who are growing in a very hostile society, but we need to move from the positive in order to have a victory, because it was love that conquer death. I think that was the way of Jesus, don’t you think?
    Lilia Villasenor

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