Shouting Us Down in our own Churches

I received this disturbing e-mail from a friend in Windsor…

Dear Friends in ChristThis am on the Windsor news am800 was the report about a talk at the Baptist Church on Campbell with a former Muslim giving his testimony. He was interrupted by members from the Muslim community who came in, shouting, disrupting the meeting.Is this one example of what is coming in Windsor from this time? Muslims can strive locally to convert Christians but not Christians trying to convert Muslims?

The real face of Islam is not what is being portrayed on the CBC comedy : Little Mosque on the Prairie ” but what was seen at the Baptist church yesterday. That was not an example of religious tolerance.


It’s common knowledge by now that the Muslim community which this year had the second largest number of immigrants to Windsor and reported to now have between 20-40,000 fellow Muslims in Windsor whose children attend the public and separate schools,..have been purchasing all the closed former Catholic schools, St.Clair, Sacred Heart, St.Andrew, St. Joseph HS, the former Catholic School Board Complex and report of an upcoming purchase of Concorde School in Riverside. Sure that may be their business. Have you heard of any other group doing the same in Windsor,Ontario, Canada? Speculation for future investments? That’s a freedom they have.


Ironcially, many ethnic groups have difficulties with on going fund raising to manage one community center or church facility yet the Muslim community has the financial means for all these purchases and people across the city are asking..for what purpose?Is Windsor becoming an base for future Muslim immigration to this border city near Dearborn?..and a center to promote Islam?In the least, members of the Muslim Community should have the courtesy to not interrupt speakers in Christian Churches.……If as the am 800 News Broadcaster stated, this hurts relations between Muslims and Christians in Windsor, I have not heard of any Christians doing the same in a local mosque.

Look at the treatment of Christians in Muslim lands and the negation of their basic freedom, kidnappings, churches bombed, trials from false charges, beheadings. Islam as a world religion is opposed to Christianity and so to the treatment of non Muslims in Muslim countries.………..Muslims are adapting to their new life in Canada and we wish them the best but please learn to be more accepting of the freedoms we all enjoy while not the same as Islam’s priviledged position in your home country.


Canada is a welcoming country for all people, cultures & religions, but no one group has the legal right to do what the few Muslims did yesterday in disrupting a Christian talk in a local Baptist Church and they should be the ones to offer an apology. Students who convert to Islam give their public testimony during Club days at the Student Center on the campus of the University. No one interrupts them.

One of the basic freedoms we have is freedom of worship and to change one’s religion without being harassed or persecuted as is common in Muslim countries where conversion from Islam is never accepted but met with severe consequences.

It’s now obvious with this incident yesterday at the local Baptist Church that Windsor Muslims monitor the lives of Muslims & former Muslims.

Should not our city officials inform them about the freedoms that Muslims now have in Canada denied them in the Muslim countries from which they have immigrated?

On her morning talk show Lisa Martin will often pick up on news that is reported and this is something Windsor needs to talk about.

Dr.Donald McKay needs to be commended for having a former Muslim give his testimony to Jesus Christ .


It just goes to show that it’s the Christians who will be front and center in protecting our nation’s right to freedom of speech and assembly. Where are the secularists? Militant Islam won’t touch them until they have first run over us.

I’m beginning to wonder whether this idea of “religious freedom” is simply the beginning of our Western demise.

Where the common good and public order is threatened by certain religionists so that basic human rights are trampled over, then it becomes incumbent on the State to move in to protect the Christian minority.

As for you, Mr. Secuarlist. Please wipe that smile off your face. First it’s us, then comes you. Hope you like Sharia.

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