Should This Be a Registered Charity???

By squeaker

There’s an organization called ACT that is based in Toronto. ACT stands for AIDS Committee of Toronto. Their website is well aligned with the LGBT agenda. If their mandate is to stop the spread of AIDS, they’re not gonna get there with their current offerings. Their website features an A to Z document that describes some of the most disgusting obscenities you’ve ever heard of.  By the way,this is the organization that produced the infamous poster that was hanging in a Toronto classroom.

Here’s a sample of their A to Z porn listing:


The practice of sucking your own dick. If you weren’t into yoga before, you might be if you knew you could get to third base with yourself. And the good news: you won’t get offended when you fall asleep after.


being attracted to one’s television set. Yes, that is one hot little box. It’s always obedient, and you never fail to turn it on. If the sight of your remote gives you wood, you might have cathodillia.


The act of sucking semen from your partner’s butt. as if semen didn’t taste good enough already! nothing says lovin’ like semen fresh from the oven. if you’re going to chow down on some ass-marinated semen, just know that you and your partner are
at high risk for HIV and STI’s.


A hole in a wall intended to have anonymous sex through (often in washrooms, bars, or adult video stores). Glory hole hallelujah! Whether you know who you’re fucking or not, use a condom with lube. Duh.

This pure porn. And yet this organization is a registered charity, meaning that donations are tax deductible. Does that make any sense to you? Is there any way to get the CRA to revoke the charitable status of a porn-publishing organization?

ACT is also funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario. They get $1.8 million from the provincial government. That part doesn’t surprise me one bit because you know the Liberals are all over this stuff. At a minimum, I hope that Premier Hudak will cut this crap when he gets to power.

ACT also receives $330,000 from the feds. So that’s $2.2 million of our tax dollars, in addition to the charitable tax credits.

We should get in touch Tim Hudak and ask him for a commitment to reduce the Ontario budget deficit by cutting this type of porn:

Prime Minister Harper keeps telling us how hard it is to reduce the federal deficit too. We can surely make him some suggestions:

Do it. Don’t wait for somebody else to do it.

One thought on “Should This Be a Registered Charity???

  1. Just when you thought they had outdone themselves in attempts to be sicker with blatant grossing out and abuse of all the body meant for purity. How tragic. How even more sick and yet not surprising, is that this is called a charity, and with the way our gov’t wastes the money of taxpayers. You know it looks like it is is a contest between who can commit more sin that offends Holy God.
    This is the result contraceptive mentality, and the giving of self over to satan

    More important that we pray to Our Blessed Virgin, Mother and Queen Mary that Her Blessed and Holy and Pure Heart, be consecrated to Russia… and please let this be a Priority Prayer from our hearts, that are so drenched in the evils of this time, of perversion and impurity and sins against the mind body and Spirit. We were and are created in the Image of God so why do some choose to attempt to make themselves into satan’s image instead by defilement as base as possible.

    Those in gov’t who support this are just as sick and defiled by darkness, but they wear suits, some stip down (who could that be, I wonder?) make big salaries and hide behind smiles, dark smiles attempting to mask deception.

    Why not all who are in this place of darkness ,confess all that is dark in yourselves and start anew, it is all so tiring, for others , as well as you know… and this is what you are probably trying to achieve in this utter sickness, but at this point so predictable and very very sad as was said , it must take so much dark energy to seemingly try to out gag each other in baseness, so pathetically disgusting ,and Hello? all of us really should think about Eternity.

    After all, God says when we die and appear before Him, we will answer to HIm just how we lived and loved, and also, when everyones’ Books of Our Lives are opened remember everyone will be there to view, and this alone should give reason to pause, sit straight up , open ones eyes, and if not as is more to the point and very True and real … tremble.

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