4 thoughts on “Shortage of women due to sex-selective abortion in India giving rise to ‘wife-sharing’

  1. Listen here you morons: feminism on its own is just fine, thank you. If the patriarchy wants to force women to abort little girls- that’s not exatly feminist is it ? More like femmicide!

  2. Boy, you sure told us. We’re not talking about forced abortion. We’re talking about “cultural abortion”. You should bone up on what your sisters-in-arms think about the absolute right to abortion. Most of them have no problem with “femmicide”.

  3. Feminists are in a bind because they deplore these sex-selective abortions (many of them driven by the mothers, by the way) but they don’t have the gall to do anything about it because the “right to abortion” is too sacred. So feminists sacrifice future women to protect their own selfish interests.

  4. Why cant the liberal left argue their positions without attacking persons with labels like “morons” (or “homophobe’ or heterosexist”) and all those other neat ways they shut people up without actually arguing convincingly .

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