Shoe’s on the other foot at the Human Rights Commission

A few weeks ago, Socon or Bust reported about sportscaster Damian Goddard who was fired by Rogers for tweeting his support of traditional marriage.

A new development has occurred in this case:

TV personality Damian Goddard, who was fired after tweeting his support of the Catholic church’s stance on gay marriage, will file a complaint with the human rights commision against his former employer, Rogers Communications Inc. (Source)

Ha! I couldn’t help but smile on this one.

As our regular readers are aware, John and I have very little esteem for the kangaroo kourts. If wrongdoing had been done to me, I don’t think I would sue before the Human Rights Commission (HRC) just out of principle, because I definitely question the justification for the existence of this institution.

The HRC has become a national disgrace and embarrassment. South of the border, Fox News reported on this story. They quoted an ominous warning from Mr. Goddard:

“My message to the millions of Canadians participating in social media is that ‘this can happen to you’,” Goddard said.

I’m sure the Americans aren’t impressed by the human rights abuses going on in our country.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. This case strikes me as a clear-cut instance of violation of human rights and goes to the heart of what the HRC’s original and more noble mandate used to be. Before it was abused by the “Thought Police” to enforce lefty political correctness, the HRC was essentially focused on ensuring that ordinary folk like Mr. Goddard weren’t unjustly fired from work or denied a lease on an apartment.

Yet, we know that the HRC has been notoriously biased against Christians so it’s anyone’s guess as to how it will rule on this case. Let’s keep an eye on it.

4 thoughts on “Shoe’s on the other foot at the Human Rights Commission

  1. I’m just surprised that he didn’t sue them for wrongful dismissal. Move away from these kangaroo courts and go to a semi-real court. I say that because most of our judges are liberal-activists.

  2. Mr. Goddard mentioned he was considering pursuing a wrongful dismissal and/or breach of contract suit against SportsNet during his June 27th interview with Ezra Levant on Sun News, The Source. As Ezra said, “…the Human Rights Commission is not a level playing field specifically in regards to Christians…”. I think Ezra was right when he said the HRC is not the best way for Mr. Goddard to go, Ezra predicts Mr. Goddard will lose the case and the HRC will use his case to “legitimize their kangaroo court”.

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