One thought on “Shoe’s on the other foot as Dems much more war hungry than Republicans

  1. Don’t forget The Political Culture War raging for the minds and souls of our impressionable schoolchildren; thus molding future generations to accept morbid behaviors and worldviews as normal, by law. Rotten Secular Bills are passed by elected politicians legalizing all sorts of morbidity, then The Human Rights Acts impose these now legalized behaviors,as human rights and social justices. Then adults who ought to know better recruit innocent children, into accepting depravity, in schools, by law. Please don’t remain politically apathetic and indifferent,because your children are depending on you to politically unite; to elect righteous politicians who pass Bills into law that won’t pervert, or recruit your children into accepting base behaviors. When traumatized schoolchildren ask their parents to help save them from being perverted, and recruited into morbidity in schools,they ought to be legally helped instead of being called homophobic,and ridiculed by all sorts of other name calling. This political apathy is diabolical. Secular morality normalizes, and imposes it’s worldview, by molding and recruiting innocent impressionable schoolchildren, because secular pagan politicians pass rotten Bills into Law. When Secularism says it’s morally neutral it is being dishonest, and diabolical. Please think about what you have allowed by your political apathy, and indifference;then get politically involved to change this for Christ’s sake.

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