Shocker: Pro-gay material found in Catholic School

KITCHENER, April 10, 2007 ( – Catholic schools in Ontario have books and videos in their libraries which promote homosexuality despite Church teaching that homosexuality is disordered.

After being alerted by a concerned Catholic teacher, Defend Traditional Marriage & Family, a pro-family group headquartered in Kitchener, contacted the local Catholic school board to alert them to the fact that some of its schools have in their libraries books and videos misleading Catholic students and teachers on the issue of homosexuality.

On March 26, the family group’s Communications Director Jack Fonseca wrote the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) informing them of the book “Open Minds to Equality: A Sourcebook of Learning Activities to Affirm Diversity and Promote Equity”, in the Teacher resource section of a library.

Page 16 of the book states: “The heterosexism in our society fosters homophobia, the fear and hatred of homosexuality which is grounded in prejudice and stereotyping.” The book provides role play and group activities which train children into viewing the homosexual lifestyle as normal and natural.The letter to the Catholic school district asks, “If one were to argue that exposing Catholic children to the existence of homosexual households is necessary, shouldn’t Catholic teaching on homosexual practice and sexual morality be the engine for that lesson?”



Dear Mr. Buchholtz,

Find out who put the books in the school and fire them. Fire anyone who had knowledge of these books being present in the library and did nothing. That is the only honourable course of action, that is, if you are serious about perserving the innocence of Catholic children.

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