Shocker! Catholic Church’s Aid Agencies Pro-Sexual Revolution!

…I have worked on and off in Africa, for “humanitarian” organizations, for some thirty years, during both Republican and Democratic administrations, and I have not seen that the U.S. Government’s efforts to promote the sexual revolution – with the willing cooperation of the U.S. bishops’ own overseas “humanitarian” organization, and of other “Christian” subcontractors – has varied much in intensity over those years. The “foreign aid” agencies of both the U.S. federal government and the USCCB (the latter a contractor of the former) are both “owned” and staffed by either secularists, or by fellow-traveling-sexual-revolutionist “Catholics” and other vaguely “faith-motivated” types. Regardless of the particular ideology of the sitting president or of the very-theoretical anti-sexual-revolution stance of the bishops, those agencies find ways to effectively advance the sexual revolution. Personnel is policy…(Source)

I bet you don’t know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll, do you?

2 thoughts on “Shocker! Catholic Church’s Aid Agencies Pro-Sexual Revolution!

  1. The best we can do is to raise awareness of what is going on, and do whatever we can to get people not to send so much as a dime in donations to these rotten organizations.
    Trouble is they will still muddle through, as a large number of the people in the pews there with us are contracepting , and would like nothing better than to see those Africans get condoms so they don’t overpopulate, and contribute to “global warming” .

  2. We do not really know just how “large” a number of Faithful are who are said to be using birth control but you cannot go by what certain secular opinion polls claim like 98% because it does not take all Catholic females into consideration. I believe half of them are and the other half are not. Mr Voris is conduction a poll this week and the amount of children from these couples are at least 3. Also more Catholic couples (who are not using contraception are the ones giving the new crop of priests and nuns and brothers in the last several years. However I think the these younger leaders will act more bold and decisively.

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