Shirley Scrams from Star Chamber

Here’s my interview. I mentioned that Shirlene McGovern, the “human rights officer” who interrogated me, has resigned from my case. The human rights commission advised my lawyer that McGovern quit because of the public backlash against the commission — and against her in particular. In other words, she didn’t like being called a censor in the blogosphere. I’m not sympathetic. I believe that any government bureaucrat who makes a living interrogating citizens about their political beliefs ought to be held in public contempt. McGovern truly doesn’t get it — she thinks what she does for a living is perfectly bland, just like her.As I wrote in the Globe last month, at my interrogation, McGovern wanted to make small talk and shake my hand. I upset her by not being complicit in my own prosecution. (Source)

YouTube and a bit of attitude has made one Star Chamber commissar vacate her role in this case. I would not be surprised if future Star Chamber Tribunals refuse to allow video taping of the proceedings to ensure the light does not shine on their thuggery.  Still, for now, we can rejoice that pure, unadulterated humiliation has helped win a victory for freedom of speech.

Personally, I don’t know how anyone who works for these Stalin Kourts can feel particularly proud of what they do for a living.   They are rightly held up for contempt and ridicule by freedom-loving citizens.  And I hope in the future, they come to appreciate the pain and suffering that they have caused for their victims and their families. 

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