Shinola country

He said the privacy concern is a red herring because the board already intervenes in the doctor-patient relationship by requiring a medical note before covering sexual stimulants like Viagra. “Why is there a privacy concern when the topic is contraception but not there when the topic is Viagra?” he said.

Hat tip to my good friend Andy Pocrnic who has really become the cat’s meow here in Ottawa in carrying the Catholic and conservative torch.  But if he wanted an answer to his question, he really only needs to realize that Viagra is not a pseudo “medical necessity” like contraception is supposed to be. 

The ironic thing, of course, is that Viagra is morally licit (although perhaps imprudent), while contraception is not.

Just goes to show that, once again, the Catholic School board doesn’t know “s— from shinola” when it comes to making a moral decision for its kids or for its employees.

Tell me why, again, we should have a separate system when the separate system is not that separate after all?

Best way to change the pseudo Catholic Board’s mind is to start campaigning for one public system.  Once they understand that their bread won’t be buttered anymore, they’ll “get religion real fast”, eh?

One thought on “Shinola country

  1. Andy has done an amazing job.

    I’d like to hear from parents. Has anyone tried to explain to these folks at the school board *why* contraception is an evil ? Are they open to listening? Do they care at all? I wanna understand better.

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