Sharia law already being applied in Germany — to the detriment of women

So it begins.

The inevitable clash between feminism and Islam is underway in Europe. So far, it’s no contest: feminism is losing ground fast. Not on abortion, but rather on more fundamental issues, such as the equality of the sexes before the law. So while abortion rights remain intact, more basic human rights are being eroded. Sad irony. Read this article to understand what I mean and get some concrete illustrations.

Feminism appears unable to successfully cope with Islam. Why? As the article explains, feminism is a movement of the Left, whose new religion in Europe is multiculturalism:

The new foundational doctrine of the left is multiculturalism — this being a fancy word for the notion that, in any disagreement between a Westerner and a non-Westerner, the Westerner is always wrong; and that nobody from a Western background may criticize anything said or done by anyone from a non-Western background.

In the absence of a backbone, the feminists are ceding terrain. What they lack is a sort of  self-confidence and pride in the human rights that Western countries have developed and fostered over the centuries, human rights that are based on Christian values, by the way. Given the Left’s disgust for Christianity and moral absolutes, they are afraid to hold dear to Western human rights out of fear that it means embracing Christianity in some indirect way.

Their aversion is not unfounded. Embracing human rights and the full dignity of the person is an endorsement of Christian values. Since they don’t want that, they’re instead letting the dignity of women be gradually eroded.

What a pathetic situation. The feminists prefer to lose their equality rather than identify with Christian values. What a poor choice. But if that’s what they want, that’s what they’ll get.

Ironically, it was our Christian-based culture of tolerance and openness that allowed the feminist movement to grow. It was this recognition of the dignity and equality of both sexes that protects their rights today. Now, they want to bite the hand that fed them, so to speak.

What the West needs is a new movement that exalts the sacredness and equality of women without being afraid of acknowledging the Christian roots of such values. We need to be proud of our Christian heritage and not be so willing to compromise when other cultures clash with ours. It’s time to grow a spine.

One thought on “Sharia law already being applied in Germany — to the detriment of women

  1. Politically Correct Relativism or Multiculturalism by Court enforcement and Government decree accepts all worldviews except Christianity. Even the Church seems not to rock the boat on Multiculturalism by decree, because this would require it’s people to become politically informed and active Prayer and Culture Warriors. In a Western democracy the citizens are responsible and accountable for the laws of the land. I will never forget the visiting Chinese Catholics at Professor Tom Landers home who refused to enter or partake Mass with what they called Pagan Western Christians. We had Mass at Tom’s home. Whatever happened to the Western Christians?

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