Shangri-La Unmasked

The pro-abort/pro-contraception crowd was very successful in its early days in exploiting the challenges married couples faced to further their agenda. They offered this wonderful, luscious piece of juicy fruit: free sex and fewer kids.

What they didn’t tell us was that it was all a big fat lie, leading to this culture’s destruction:  abortion, population implosion, broken marriages, broken familes, pornography, euthanasia, homsexual “marriage” and the list goes on and on.

At the heart of all of this, of course, is the tempting lie that all you have to do is “take this pill” and everything will be OK.  The truth, however, is that no life is that easy. So the comparison is not, as the comic stip fraudulently claims,  between having a “repressed sexual relationship with one’s spouse” and consequence-free sexual license.   We bought that lie and now we are all going to pay a hefty price for it. 

The correct context is:  marriage is a challenge in all spheres of life. Better to understand that suffering will occur REGARDLESS of the path chosen – sexual or otherwise. What the comic strip didn’t tell you is that Ken and Joan would go on to divorce years later, despite the promises of Shangri-La. On other hand, the stats show that if Ken and Joan simply continued to sacrifice for one another and respected each other’s fertility, they would still be happily married. 

Did you catch the good doctor’s remarks above? – “The government wouldn’t let birth control products be sold if they were harmful.”

In light of the barrage of evidence coming out now against the pill and other birth control devices, that comment is certainly a bit rich.  Although this thing was written over 50 years ago, the Canadian government still believes it, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and prefers to remain in the Beaver Cleaver Land of Planned Parenthood than coming clean with Canadian women. 

To view the rest of this slick piece of propanda, click here

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