Shamnesty International: standing up for war criminals and genociders

As the Canadian government seeks to deport war criminals, mass executioners and death squad leaders who have lied in order to enter Canada, Amnesty International is raising a stink about it. Read Margaret Wente insightful take on the issue here.

Of course, everybody, even criminals, are entitled to due process and a fair hearing. That’s not the issue here. These criminals have already been heard and found guilty. Now it’s time to boot them out before they do some damage in our country.

You might be astounded that Amnesty International would be standing up for these thugs. How can this possibly happen? I’ll tell you how. Amnesty International has gotten too big and fat. They’re over-funded. They’ve grown even while many countries have turned from dictatorships to democracies in recent decades. So the over-staffed organization has to chase around for lesser crimes in order to keep themselves busy. When you see them starting to stand up for guys who ran firing quads, you know that the apple has indeed fallen far from the tree.

I suspect that their over-staffedness (!!) is also one of the reasons why AI has become a big abortion pusher.

Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister, wrote an excellent rebuke to Shamnesty International on his personal website. Here’s a great sarcastic observation:

I must confess that my first reaction upon reading your open letter to Minister Toews and myself was one of surprise and joy.  For your organization to muster its formidable powers of suasion against the orderly and innoxious proceedings of the Canadian immigration system must mean that the world’s most truculent regimes have discharged their last political prisoners and advocates of democracy are free to march in the streets of Tehran and Pyongyang. I have since learned this is not the case, leaving me puzzled as to why Amnesty International (AI) would waste its time and resources opposing the legal deportation of war criminals and serious human rights violators from Canada.

Well said. Here’s another keeper from Kenney:

Finally, you claim to be “concerned about the fact that these cases have been so widely publicized” given the “reputational harm” it may cause these men and the hypothetical risk it may impose on them or their relatives.  No doubt such exquisitely burnished sympathy does you credit.  However, as a former AI member, may I suggest that ostentatious hand-wringing over the good name of war criminals and human rights violators may sit uneasily with those AI members who, perhaps naively, believe your compassion should be reserved for their victims.

This illustrates how the notion of “rights” can get so distorted when it isn’t aimed at the common good, but rather to serve some political, left-wing, self-contradicting world view. AI should give it a rest and chase after the real crooks out there.

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