Shame on CTV – They Yanked The Poll.

Well, I just found out that the “Re-opening abortion” poll that CTV had featured on their home page has been yanked in favour of a breast-feeding poll (around Noon today or before).  You know, like breast-feeding is right up there in importance to abortion and around the March for Life too!  Nothing like being “media relevant” to what’s going on, I always say.

We have to ask ourselves “Why?”   There was absolutely no  GOOD reason to yank such an important poll this soon.

I’ll tell you a very possible reason it was yanked:  because the pro-aborts were winning, and then we found out about it and the numbers started to shift dramatically, and CTV didn’t want to let the people vote.

That’s what’s likely happened. Don’t be surprised that the results mentioned tonight on the broadcast are heavily skewed for the pro-abort side, or close to 50/50 as they say where the momentum was going.

E-mail them here and ask them why they yanked the poll so soon?

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