Sham Tactic By Obama

This whole sham effort by “pro-life Democrats” is a sucker punch.

They know they are bleeding support and they are losing on the abortion question. This is a fact.

It’s also a fact that the power brokers in the Democratic Party are never going to allow the pro-life voice to have any influence at all.

It’s also a fact that they’re not stupid on how to play the politics of abortion.

So they need to be seen as “widening their tent” to tolerate pro-life voices so they can say how “draconian” and “close minded” the Republicans are.

In other words they’ve initiated this “useful idiot” campaign to make people who are naturally inclined to the Democratic Party feel better that they’re “accepted” in the Party.

It’s a way of getting their vote and that’s it.  And it might be enough to sway people back who have seen what the Democratic Party really has become: a shill for Planned Parenthood.

Politics is a sucker’s game.

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