Shakedown for Cash

Ezra Levant confided somewhere that it cost him about $5,000 in legal fees for the day of his inTerrorgation.  He also provided a very humorous and flippant remark about a “shakedown of cash” in this clip (see 4:13-4:37).  In the context of the clip, Ezra is rather offended that he is being asked for an apology which even normal courts do not demand of convicted criminals.  But in these human rights commissions, they force you to make nice or they apply their punitive boot on your head.

For me, while what he says is true, it is also particularly troubling that if a Canadian citizen wants to exercise is inalienable rights to free speech on a political, social, or moral question, a complaint to these star chambers can attach a very hefty price tag to that speech, or in Ezra’s “liberano” dialect:  a “shakedown of cash”.

 A good lawyer will run you about $400 an hour. Do the math.  How many vacations with your family is that going to cost?  Thinking about doing a renovation on your kitchen or bathroom? Think again. You’ll be taking out a second mortage just to pay the legal bills on the first round of “talks”.   These Commissions are a blood sucking leech, not only to our democracy but on the years of hard work that we put into establishing some security for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.  They’ll suck our equity and dole it out to the professional victims and their groupies for “restitution purposes”.

That is maximally offensive. And we need to put a stake right through it — at all costs.

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