Shake It, Baby

Wow. Just wow.

The thing about pro-aborts is that, if they deny the reality of the unborn baby’s humanity, what other delusions are they entertaining?  That’s a pretty scary thought.

How do you think, in view of the rather animated actions of these children, they would react as they are being picked apart by Order of Canada recipient, Henry Morguentaler?

One thought on “Shake It, Baby

  1. The slogan,” It can’t be wrong if it doesn’t hurt anyone” first became popular as a rationalization for sex outside of marriage. That was over 30 years ago. Now after millions of abortions in Canada, so-called no fault divorces, fatherless and motherless children, sterilization-inducing diseases, broken hearts and troubled minds, perhaps it’s time to stop awarding the Order Of Canada to abortionists like Henry Morgentaler and reconsider the meaning of hurt.

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