Sexual Silence

London author Dawn Stefanowicz has published a compelling memoir entitled Out From Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting. In this compelling book, she presents an open and honest account of her anguishing experiences as a child growing up in a dysfunctional home dominated by a homosexual father and a submissive mother. The book is well structured and beautifully written. In her acknowledgements, Stefanowicz expresses appreciation for the painstaking assistance of her editor, London freelance writer and award-winning playwright Herman Goodden. 

The resulting portrayal of Stefanowicz’s harrowing childhood should give pause to everyone from trendy journalists to know-it-all judges who blithely assume that sexually active homosexuals are no less competent to parent a child than are married heterosexuals. That assumption certainly does not accord with Stefanowicz’s experience. From early childhood, she was painfully aware that her compulsively promiscuous father was rarely available in the home to provide the care and guidance so desperately needed by his three children. (Source)

What do you think the chances of this story making it into the pages of some of the liberal rags in this country?  Not much, I should think.  Destructive sexual behaviour is never talked about in this country, much less the fallout to families. It’s the great untouchable.

One thought on “Sexual Silence

  1. Homosexuality is not equal to heterosexuality as defined by reproduction, the result of sex, the act by which they define themselves.

    Responsible parents are obliged to discriminate, in the purest sense of the word, against this obvious inequity.

    Our Canadian Charter which was recently ammended by the Liberals to require us not to, is clearly and logically wrong.

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