Sexual Revolution: Pro-Choice to Pro-Life

Back in my pro-choice days, I read that in certain ancient societies it was common for parents to abandon unwanted newborns, leaving them to die of exposure. I found these stories to be as perplexing as they were horrifying. How could this happen? I could never understand how entire cultures could buy into something so obviously terrible, how something that modern society understands to be an unthinkable evil could be widely accepted among large groups of people….(Source)

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2 thoughts on “Sexual Revolution: Pro-Choice to Pro-Life

  1. The living baby in the mother’s womb is a human being; the child is the product of human parents and has a totally distinct genetic code. Preborn children are innocent because they have done nothing wrong. They deserve protection not capital punishment ! Only a Canadian society that has institutionalized atheism through their schools and universities could slaughter their young. Our culture is marked by atheism and ultimate meaninglessness. Our society has lost the objective basis for certainty of knowledge, and are manipulating science according to their own sociological and political desires rather than standing upon concrete objectivity.

  2. I agree completely with Garry’s comment. Atheism and inhumane behaviour (such as the killing of the innocent) go hand in hand. He is absolutely right in saying that institutionalized atheism is at the root of our Canadian society’s policy of social permissiveness. Of course “anything goes”, if God does not exist. God is the Supreme Good, without which there would be no good. And as Garry mentioned as well, atheism is marked by a sense of meaninglessness — because God alone can give meaning to life.

    If we want to put a stop to atrocities such as abortion, we must bring back God into the public sphere of Canadian society.

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