Sexual Propagandizing

For his New York Times article “Coming Out in Middle School,” Benoit Denizet-Lewis interviewed middle-school children from all over the country who have identified themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual and have come out to their friends and families. It’s unnerving to hear from the mouths of babes their experience of coming out to their parents: “I told my cousin, my cousin told this other girl, she told her mother, her mother told my mom and then my mom told me.” Or of discovering their own sexual identity: “It was confusing for a while, because for some reason I thought that you had to be straight or gay, and that you couldn’t be both. . . . So I thought about it a lot, like I do about everything, and I went online and looked up bisexuality to read more about it. I realized that was me,” or bickering over their classmates’ sexual proclivities, “We can’t even keep up with who’s gay or bi and who’s into who, and we go to school here!” Even Denizet-Lewis guiltily admitted that he found himself blurting out to a pair of seventh-graders glibly discussing their sexual orientation: “But you’re so young!”

But as most any ten, eleven, or twelve year-old could tell you, they know almost everything. Confusion and uncertainty are states they especially loathe; give them labels to neatly categorize themselves (and their peers) and they will zealously apply them. And labels are exactly what these prepubescent tweens are given when they are told that sexual preference is a fundamental, inborn, aspect of personhood; it is only natural for them to conclude, as Fr. Paul Scalia wrote in A Label That Sticks (First Things, June/July 2005), that “an adolescent with homosexual inclinations must necessarily be homosexual, or gay, or lesbian, or transgendered—whichever label fits.”

One very supportive mother told Denizet-Lewis she was not surprised when her ten-year-old daughter confessed to her (in rhyming couplets, no less) that she was bisexual: “Kids just know what these words mean a lot earlier.” Well, that’s really not fair. Kids don’t just know; it takes a lot of hard work. Chapters of the Gay-Straight Alliance at middle schools across America work “to educate the school community about homophobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation issues,” and for over a decade now the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network has been working to ensure that “students in all grade levels [have] access to curricula, trainings, texts and materials—in all areas including but not limited to, history, literature, family life, sexuality and health education—that are relevant, comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate and inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.”

– Fr. Elijah

One thought on “Sexual Propagandizing

  1. Our children youth and Western Society are threatened by liberal Goverment’s, meaning “all” of the liberal-minded governments, “imposition” of only the Darwinian Humanist Worldview and Religion in our “Public Schools and Universities.” Not that long ago Western society was Christian of sorts. Now through our education establishments it has become only Darwinian Humanist Atheist by government decree. One need only study The Humanist Manifesto’s and see how the fathers of Western Education did this.

    If someone is headed off a cliff, the compassionate response is to try to stop him, not allow him to fall and then offer to treat his injuries.

    According to The Health Canada’s HIV and AIDS surveillance report for April 2006 on page 60, we read that eighty- five percent of AIDS in Canada is in MALES WHO HAVE SEX WITH MALES. Then there is Gay Bowel syndrom, a collection of diseases of the bowel tract that lead to the mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract that include amebiasis, giardasis, salmonellosis, hepatitis A and B,tuberculosis, sypilis,etc. These are ENDemic in the homosexual population. Why is sodomy legal in Canada and the United Nations trying to force the world to legalize sodomy?The homosexual lifestyle is not healthy, ok,and normal as the liberal-minded teach our children in Public Schools and Universities!

    Legalizing the homosexual lifestyle by promoting it, and teaching falsely that it is healthy and normal to our children in Public School Class-Rooms and Universities ought to be a criminal offence.

    The homosexual scientists Dean Hammer and Simon Le Vay pretend they have discovered a homosexual gene but the work can never be replicated by anyone else to be proven. In other words its BS meaning Bad Science. The media puts this BS all over the covers of newspapers and magazines and the public believes this BS as scientific truth and the teachers teach this to our kids.

    It is the hight of compassion for people to unite to oppose this societal disaster with its litany of pain and suffering before everone is brainwashed by this BS meaning Bad Science of coarse.

    We have already seen that the liberal-minded Governments, Judges, Teachers Federations, Universities Kinsey Sexology and popular media’s positive healthy portrayal of homosexuality has enticed many children and young people not forgetting brainwashed adults by BS that is Bad Science into this harmful behavior. With Government sanction, promotion and imposition of the homosexual lifestyle and the Darwinian Humanist atheist worldview and religion taught in Public Schools from kindergaten , many more will be drawn into this destuctive lifestyle. Many people are “educated” to believe what is legal is moral!

    Miriam Grossman M.D. has a new book on the subject called,”YOUR TEACHING MY CHILDREN WHAT?

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