Sexual indoctrination

Why they want to indoctrinate your kids

They see her six-year-old’s innocence, as they see all innocence, as a rebuke to their depravity. Hating that innocence, which must pain them whenever they encounter it, they want to extinguish it as soon and as thoroughly as possible. That’s why they want into the first grade classroom.

– Diogenes on the moral nihilism of sex educators and AIDS activists.

Bottom line: they want to turn love and marriage into a disease-riddled, emotionally empty, mechanical exercise of selfishness and physical activity. Who values sex more? Those who want to cherish it in the protected context of marriage and love and family or those who want to debase it and strip it of mystery and higher purpose?

But we’re the ones who are sexually repressed. (Source)

Sex is the most glorious reflection of God’s creative and unifying power. It is also the place where innocence is transformed into a profound revelation of the human person.   The attack on sex is an attack on God’s image.  It is the new heresy of the twenty-first century.

One thought on “Sexual indoctrination

  1. When Christianity is taken out of education and law in Western Civilization all that is left is paganism. What upsets me most is when I talk with fellow believers most speak just like the humanists. They lack the fundamentals. Some are afraid of the word. This is infecting our people this stuff coming into our homes on telivision, radio newsprint and into our work places. If the youth lack a solid foundation the humanist universities will entice them to change their minds. I like this site because of it’s eternal perpective.

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