Sexual bombs

The multibillion-dollar porn industry located in the San Fernando valley of southern California has been thrown into crisis after one of its performers tested positive for HIV. The discovery was made at the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, AIM, a clinic that carries out mandatory testing for about 1,200 porn actors in the valley every month. The clinic has refused to reveal the gender of the performer or which studio he or she worked for, but it has started to track down all other actors known to have been exposed and is now quarantining them until they can also be tested….read the rest here.

One of the last taboos in sexual health is to be tackled by the BBC in an hour-long film presented by the film star Jaime Winstone. The investigation tackles the link between oral sex and rising numbers of mouth and throat cancer cases among young Britons – described this weekend as “an emerging epidemic” by a Cancer Research UK expert. Rates of oral cancers have gone up by 50% in men since 1989 and are rising by 3% a year in women, even as smoking, once thought to be the major cause, declines. Oral cancers now kill 1,800 people a year….read the rest here.

Isn’t sexual liberation great?  

Your sin is killing you and others.

There is a purpose and meaning to sex.  Learn it and then live it…or die.

Your choice. 

One thought on “Sexual bombs

  1. When professor Tom Landers interviewed porn actresses who were children when they started it was shocking what is allowed by our justice system as freedom of speech. Many Canadian Children are trafficed. In 2008 he was one of the people who toiled to raise the age of sex consent from 14 to 16 even though our Supreme Court and Parliament ruled consenting 14 year olds to be considered adults in 2005. He wanted it higher. Just study the Kinsey Sex Education that is taught to children in schools. Many of us work hard to get things changed for the good of the people. Please elect traditionalists who know how to convince others to our Legislatures and Parliament. In a democracy the citizens can change things for good if they are willing to do so.

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