HRC Sex Division Police force Christians to take pictures or pay up

The New Mexico Human Rights Commission has ordered a Christian photographer to pay $6,600 for declining to photograph a commitment ceremony between two lesbians. The complaint against Elane Photography was filed by Vanessa Willcock, one of the two women in the union. Elane Photography is small photography studio owned by Jon and Elaine Huguenin, a husband-and-wife team who are devout evangelical Christians and refused to photograph the same-sex ceremony for reasons of religious conscience. The commission’s two-paragraph order stated that “Elane Photography, LLC discriminated against [Miss Willcock] because of sexual orientation.” Mr. and Mrs. Huguenin was represented by Jordan Lorence, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), who argued that photography was a form of artistic expression, thus forcing the couple to photograph the wedding was a form of compelled speech prohibited by the First Amendment. “It was a very short order [with] absolutely no reference to the First Amendment defenses that we raised,” Mr. Lorence told the Washington Times. “I find this a stunning disregard for the First Amendment issues in this case.”…(Source)

It looks like the Americans are getting hit too.  The Star Chambers are expanding their franchise.

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