Sex Police Ensuring Children Have No Father or No Mother

The Roman Catholic Church is pulling out of three of its top adoption agencies because it cannot comply with Labour’s new gay equality laws. The Mail on Sunday has learned the Church will this week cut its ties with the Surrey-based Catholic Children’s Society, one of the biggest in the country covering much of the South-East. The dioceses of Nottingham and Northampton have also decided to pull out of their agencies.  The development will anger Catholic MPs, who warned last year that the contentious legislation would have a dramatic impact on the charities. Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, said: ‘This is a tragedy. We are taking the ethos out of these adoption agencies and leaving them with a crisis, all because the Government wouldn’t listen.’ It will also dismay hundreds of thousands of parishioners who have raised millions of pounds over the years to support the much-loved organisations.  Senior bishops put the blame squarely at the door of Government Ministers. The Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, the Rt Rev Kieran Conry, said: ‘The Government has lost out. The Catholic agencies do and did very good work. ‘For the sake of a principle and certain political correctness we are losing some very good facilities.’… (Source)

I remember a few years ago, some friends told us they went to see if they could adopt a child at the local government adoption agency. (Their doctor had told them the chances of them conceiving were slim to none. ) They told the agency that they would accept any child, regardless of disability.  When they objected to teaching the moral neutrality of masturbation, however, the government sex functionary told that them that it would be a negative factor in their chances at being successful in adopting.

Within a year, God blessed them with a child.  And they now have another one on the way.

It’s good to see God works outside the parameters set for us by the sex police.

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