Sex Police At It Again

A provincially-funded Christian group violated the rights of a worker who had to quit her job after revealing she was gay, says the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.The tribunal has ordered Kitchener-based Christian Horizons to compensate Connie Heintz, 39, and to end a prohibitive code-of-conduct contract for its 2,500 employees.The contract, which all staff must sign, forbids workers from cheating on their spouses, having pre-marital sex or homosexual relationships, using pornography and “endorsing” alcohol or tobacco, among other things.

That policy violates those workers’ basic rights, ruled Michael Gottheil, chair of the tribunal.

Heintz’s case provided an inside look at the practices of Christian Horizons, an evangelical organization that operates more than 180 residential homes in Ontario for people with developmental disabilities.

The agency, which was started by a local couple in 1965, is now the largest of its kind in Ontario. It’s funded almost entirely by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and has a payroll in excess of $63 million, according to Revenue Canada…. (Source)

And the HRC Sex Agenda just keeps rolling on at the expense of the greater society as a whole.  You know, the Catholic Church alone runs 25% of all AIDS hospices around the world.  Suppose all Christian organizations got out of the whole charity shtick because of the Rainbow Sex Dictators, would society be better off? Who would fill in the spots? Certainly not the secularists. Their dying off in droves.  

NOTTINGHAM, April 23, 2008 ( – When the Labour government’s Sexual Orientation Regulations were passed last year, the leadership of the Catholic Church in England and Wales warned that the new law would spell the end of Catholic involvement in social service, particularly adoption. Now the first of the UK’s Catholic adoption agencies affected are announcing they will close their doors for good rather than betray religious principles and their guiding principle of the good of the child.

Bishop Malcolm McMahon said his diocese of Nottingham would be cutting ties with the their adoption agency, the Catholic Children’s Society, because of the law that forces them to consider homosexual partners as equally qualified to adopt as people in natural heterosexual relationships.

“We have been coerced into this, I am not happy about it at all,” the bishop told Catholic News Service April 18. “The regulations have coerced the children’s society into going against the church’s teaching, and we don’t wish to do that.”

The Nottingham agency, together with that of the Northampton Catholic diocese, will become a secular institution “with a Christian character” by merging with the adoption agency of the Anglican Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham in October. The parish churches of the diocese will no longer solicit funds to support the agency.

The Nottingham agency was founded in 1948 by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace and placed 25 children a year with adoptive families.

Contrary to common accusations that Catholics are trying to unjustly discriminate against homosexuals, the Catholic Church holds that its motivation is rather the desire to protect the best interests of children. The Church teaches, according to recent documents from the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, that allowing a child to be adopted by homosexual partners “would actually mean doing violence to these children” by placing them into a situation where their full social and spiritual development would be threatened.

Homosexual partners have had the legal right to adopt children in Britain since 2002. The new law, however, removes the right of Catholic and other Christian agencies to decline to consider homosexuals for adoption.

The move by the Nottingham diocese follows similar decisions made elsewhere in Britain. In the summer of 2007, shortly after the legislation was passed, the Leeds-based Catholic Care, which placed 20 children a year with adoptive families, voted to pull out of adoption services. Bishop Patrick O’Donohue of Lancaster announced at the same time that the Catholic Caring Services, an adoption agency working in Lancashire and Cumbria, will likely close rather than bow to the regulations.

When the legislation passed in 2007, Cormac Cardinal Murphy O’Connor, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, attempted to find a compromise in which Catholic adoption agencies would be exempt. Tony Blair, later to be received into the Catholic Church by the same Cardinal, refused to consider an exemption. Instead Blair offered his own version of a compromise: Catholic agencies had a year to adjust to adopting children to gay partners or close. That deadline comes at the end of this month.

The conflict comes at the same time that local branches of government continue to discriminate against Christians who volunteer to take in foster children. In November 2007, Vincent and Pauline Matherick, a Christian couple who had fostered children for years, were told by their Somerset council that they would no longer be allowed to continue because of their religious objections to homosexuality. They were later reinstated but only after a media furor and notices to the council by a Christian lawyers’ group.

In February this year, it was reported that a Christian couple in Derby, Eunice and Owen Johns, is suing the local council after their application to foster children was refused because of their religious objections to homosexuality. In addition, the Labour-controlled council adoption panel was said to be “upset” that the couple insisted that children in their care would be required to accompany the family to church on Sundays.

In September 2007, an independent investigation revealed that a local council’s fear of being labelled homophobic had allowed a total of 19 boys to be placed with a pair of homosexual child molesters. Despite growing reservations by staff and complaints from the mother of two of the boys, the Wakefield council placed the children into the care of Ian Wathey and Craig Faunch who were convicted in May 2006 of molesting and filming eight-year-old twins and two 14 year-old boys.

2 thoughts on “Sex Police At It Again

  1. Our youth and Western society are threatened by liberal Goverment’s, meaning all of the liberal-minded governments and the so-called Human Rights Commisions “imposition” of ” only” the Humanist Worldview and Religion in our “Public Schools and Universities and courts.” Not that long ago Western society was Christian with justice and education based on the ten commandments. Now through our education establishments it has become Humanist. Please study Humanist Manifesto one and two and the others since to see how the so-called fathers of western education accomplished this by putting all human rights in the hands of the humanists in power through our education establishments. The so-called Human Rights Commissions are now imposing this agenda on all Canadians by force.

    If someone is headed off a cliff, the compassionate response is to try to stop him, not allow him to fall and then offer to treat his injuries.

    According to Health Canada’s HIV and AIDS surveillance report for April 2006 on page 60, we read that eighty- five percent of AIDS in Canada is in MALES WHO HAVE SEX WITH MALES. Then there is Gay Bowel syndrom, a collection of diseases of the bowel tract that lead to the mechanical dysfunction of the lower bowel tract that include amebiasis,giardasis,salmonellosis, hepatitis A and B,tuberculosis,sypilis,etc. These are ENDemic in the homosexual population. The homosexual lifestyle is not healthy,ok,and normal as the liberal-minded teach our children in PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES AND THE SO-CALLED HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISIONS!

    Legalizing homosexual marriage, promoting it, and teaching falsely that it is healthy and normal to our children in BC Public School Class-Rooms and Universities and all Canadians through the so-called Human rights Commisions ought to be a criminal offence.

    It is the hight of compassion for people to unite to oppose this societal disaster with its litany of pain and suffering before it is too late.

    We have already seen that the liberal-minded Governments,Teachers Federations,Universities and popular media’s positive portrayal of homosexuality has enticed many young people into this harmful behavior. With Government sanction, promotion and imposition of homosexual marriage and Humanist worldview and religion in Public Schools from kindergaten , many more will be drawn into this destuctive lifestyle. Many people are “educated” to believe what is legal is moral!

    We as Social Conservatives care about people, but don’t accept false ideas as true or their destructive behavior as moral.

    Contrary to liberal relativism and humanist wisdom, not all ideas and lifestyles are equally true, or beneficial.

    Yet the kind of tolerance demanded in today’s liberal education establishments which “educate” our society tells us that we must tolerate everything, even destructive behavior,legalize it and then teach it to our children as healthy and normal from Kindergarten through University with our money. But of course, we must never tolerate destructive behavior.

    Tolerating,legalizing,and imposing destructive behavior is unloving because it harms innocent children and destroys lives.

    Through reasoned debate, using verifiable evidence, we must defeat harmful ideas and bad legislation while we show love and respect to people promoting them. Perhaps if enough people come on board we can make our Canada a safer place for children and people of all ages.

  2. Canada should become a place where only loving people and children live. Such hooligans should be sent out and the place has to become a heaven. With such acts happening, I really don’t understand when these will happen.

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