Sex Losers

“It’s disappointing,” said Alex McKay, research coordinator at SIECCAN “The last time a large-scale (sexual health) study was done that included a university sample, we got similar figures. I was hoping that, over time, rates of condom use would’ve increased.”

Of those students who used condoms, the main motivation was birth control (54 per cent). A combination of birth control and STI prevention was cited by far fewer (38 per cent), while STI prevention alone came in at just six per cent. (Source)

The sexologists just don’t get it.   Sex was never made to be worn with a stupid glove.  It’s not natural. It’s not right. And everyone instinctively knows it. That’s why it’s so hard for the sex police to enforce their best practice regime.

One thought on “Sex Losers

  1. Here’s the thing. If you have had the same partner for a while, are you going to use a condom “if you don’t have to”?

    And what kind of message does a condom send? I don’t care what the public health people make you believe, if you’re a guy and you put a condom on, the implicit message is: girl you’ve slept around, and I don’t trust you. Not exactly romantic.

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