Sex-hibition and free abortion advice at federal government museum!

Here’s my letter to Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board (, with a c.c. to the Prime Minister ( I suggest our readers point out the abortion connection to the Prime Minister. That’ll get his attention 😉 You can also write to the Heritage Minister, James Moore (

Hon. Tony Clement
President of the Treasury Board

cc. Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Dear Tony,

I appreciate the efforts you’re making to cut unnecessary spending and balance the budget. However, I’m greatly distressed that taxpayer money is being used to fund a sex-hibition at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology. The official name is “Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition”, but the content is very disturbing.

The “Erecto-matic” display contains a felt dissection of part of a limp penis. Press a button and the penis becomes erect. Is this how our hard-earned taxes should be employed?

Then there’s a display with a picture of two girls around the age of 13 pressed together naked, looking at the camera as if the viewer has just discovered them showering. Most normal Canadians would call this child porn. Do you want to be bankrolling this crap?

Then there’s the abortion issue. There are two audio stations where you can press a button to receive an answer from a health professional to a series of prepared questions. One question asks what to do if you’re pregnant with an unwanted child. The woman simply explains that in Quebec you can have an abortion without parental consent at the age of 14. She does not mention adoption. Since when is the federal government in the business of counseling abortions? I thought the Prime Minister didn’t want to talk about abortion?

Tony, even in the best of times this spending would be an outrage.  But at a time when the government is cutting more than $5 billion in annual spending and laying off thousands of public servants, this spending is just plain insulting.

As you know, museums will be flooded with kids on Canada Day, as admission is free and parents have the day off. I trust you can put an end to this disgrace before then.


2 thoughts on “Sex-hibition and free abortion advice at federal government museum!

  1. When Love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education), and murder without guilt (Abortion), is taught as a human right, by Government Decree, Court and Police enforcement to impressionable schoolchildren and youth, from Kindergarten through University, then what kind of Democratic society does this mold?

    In Canada righteous traditional family values citizens did unite politically across our country, and forced Parliament to pass a Bill into Canadian Law, and thus changed morbid 2005 Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law in 2008. This is what good people do in a democracy, or democracy morphs into tyranny taught to innocent schoolchildren as a human right. The kind of Democratic Canada the voting citizens want they get.
    I hope righteous good citizens unite politically again to make this a better democratic society. The responsibility in a democracy is yours.

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