Sex and Religion: What happens to one, happens to the other.

Not sure if any of you have been watching the press conferences after the CCCB Plenary sessions.  I’ve actually watched them.  Not exactly newsworthy stuff,  considering that inconvenient press was banned, you kind of get the idea of who’s left to answer those “hard hitting” questions.

If you click on the Day 4 Press Briefing and forward to the 10 minute mark, you’ll hear +Durocher talking about how the definition of religious freedom has been narrowed in recent years ( thanks to Obama, of course).  He also made a remark that religion is now seen as a “private” affair where ethics and morals have no place in society, and that the current train of thought holds to a reductionist view of religion (10:00-10:45).

I could not help but notice that all of +Durocher’s remarks applied equally well with the issue of sex.  It too has been redefined.  It too is now seen as a “private” affair (although now, admittedly, this is no longer the case as deviant sexual practices are now pushed publicly but originally deviant sex was pushed as a “private affair” to gain traction).  It too is no longer subject to any moral restriction in public. It too has now been debased to a “reductionist” and purely mechanical act.  You see, folks, everything + Durocher notices about what is happening to religion has already happened to sex.  One will follow the other…and so, sadly, will the consequences to people of Faith.  The wild sex scene we see in society today will be repeated in society’s view of religion – where traditional roles and traditional religions will be shoved into the closet.

The Catholic Bishops of Canada and the West have played a huge role in ushering in the sexual debauchery by their silence.  And it will ultimately mean a Church on the rack.  And still, there is no realization and no repentance.

But things are indeed going to change because the persecution is coming, and that will change the Church quite a bit.  The Press Conferences will be no more.

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