Sex Addicts Despise Catholic Church for Her Teachings

San Francisco Set to Tax Catholic Church Millions in Suspected Prop 8 Retaliation

By Kathleen Gilbert

SAN FRANCISCO, January 16, 2009 ( – A San Francisco assessor has called for the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco to hand over $15 million in taxes because of an internal restructuring of the archdiocese, a move that some are describing as “retaliation” for the Church’s opposition to Proposition 8.

Assessor Phil Ting concluded that the Catholic Church owed the city taxes after the archdiocese was restructured and its property, which is almost all used by parish facilities, was consolidated seven months ago.

“Because we knew the accusations (of unfair treatment) could be out there, we worked to look at every single document so we could totally and completely understand their argument,” Ting said. “We looked at all the various exemptions that could have been applied, and we felt that none of them were applicable in this case. That meant it was our determination that this was a taxable event.”

Ting claimed that because the restructuring involved “separate legal entities,” it was “not just a cosmetic” change and therefore liable to be taxed.

The archdiocese immediately filed legal action and questioned the precedent for Ting’s decision.

“San Francisco Recorder Phil Ting has taken a step that is unprecedented in the history of the state of California. He has determined that an internal reorganization of church property, within the family of corporations of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, constitutes a ‘sale’ and is subject to a property transfer tax,” archdiocese spokesman Maurice Healy told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“A tax on transfers of property, all owned by the Catholic Church, within the same family of Archdiocesan corporations, is unprecedented in the history of the state of California and the law is overwhelmingly in our favor on this subject,” said Healy.

Many are decrying the move as retaliation for the church’s support of California’s same-sex “marriage” ban, as pro-homosexual “marriage” San Francisco residents and politicians have made no secret of their ire at the Catholic Church and other religious groups for supporting Proposition 8. 

“This is fishy at the least and evil at the most,” Randy Thomasson of California’s Campaign for Children and Families told  “Phil Ting is doing to the Catholic Church what has not been done in other venues, taking away the Church’s tax-exempt status in regards to property.”

Thomasson said that Ting, “who went head to head with the Catholic church over marriage between a man and a woman … is aiming his rifles … right at the Catholic Church, and this is something that a higher court should be more just in its analysis.”

The call to tax the Catholic and Mormon churches, which helped propel Prop 8 fundraising and campaigning, became a mantra of same-sex “marriage” supporters ever since the amendment passed in November.

During the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast last year, which was attended by Archbishop Niederauer, Mayor Gavin Newsom lambasted the Catholic Church and the archdiocese for their support for Proposition 8. The crowd reportedly responded with a standing ovation – minus the archbishop and a handful of other religious leaders.

Jack Smith of the Catholic Key blog suggested that Ting, who at a No on 8 rally declared he was “proud” to have signed several same-sex “marriage” certificates, had political motives for the aggressive move. 

“Any clear-eyed observer might view this action by Ting, who’s rumored to want the Mayor’s chair after Newsom, as pandering to the anti-Catholic sentiment of voters in San Francisco,” said Smith.  

Most people in North America and Europe do not go to church anymore and have no real loyalty or concern about the survival of Christianity. Many have deep-seated anger and even hatred of Christianity for a number of reasons, not least of which is its moral teachings on sex. The “secular” West is really largely made up of ex-Christians or person’s of Christian background rebelling against their heritage. That reality helps explain the contradiction in their intolerance toward Christianity and yet their pandering tolerance of Islam; their indifference to the sufferings of persecuted Christians around the world but their seeming concern about the Falun Gong in China and Muslims in Darfur. So the idea of destroying the Church is not beyond them. Years ago someone asked me when I thought the persecution might intensify in our country (we were talking about the clamour to remove the churches’ tax exempt status among other things). I said it would possibly happen after the older generation of church-goers is gone. They will not do it while they are around – it is their parents and grandparents after all. The secular Boomers may not love the Church but they may love their parents and grandparents – just blame a lot of the conflict between them on the odious beliefs their parents grew up with, due to that damnable Christianity. But after they’re gone… Well we are getting pretty close to there. The only thing that might save us is the Boomers are aging and diminishing in numbers themselves (yet are currently the movers and shakers in our society) while many of the immigrants filling the void are practicing Christians. The immigrants do have a high fall-off rate but those practicing the faith still represents a significant number. This may soften some of the more overt forms of persecution but make financial assaults more attractive. High litigation settlements for various scandals and loss of tax-exempt status are just two of the ways this can be done. – Fr. Elijah

3 thoughts on “Sex Addicts Despise Catholic Church for Her Teachings

  1. The father of Western Education John Dewey one of the first signatories of the Humanist Manifesto 1933, wrote a book on the Religion of Darwinian Humanism,” A COMMON FAITH “, New Haven and London Yale University Press 1934. Here is how Dewey’s book ended, ” Here are all the elements for a religious faith that shall not be confined to sect, class or race. Such a faith has always been implicitly the common faith of mankind. It remains to make it explicit and militant.” Remember this is still being done through our universities where our doctors , judges and all of us are educated. Western Society has thus an Insitutionalized Darwinian Humanist Atheist State Religion.

    Has anyone seen Ben Stein’s 2008 film ” EXPELLED “, no Intelligence allowed. Ben interviews the scientists who write our university textbooks and those scientists who have been expelled from the university for their views for believing that there might be evidence of design in nature. Our State has an institutionalized religion and it expells those who don’t conform to it. How long are we going to let them brainwash our citizens. They have destroyed an entire culture through the academy.

  2. Genesis 1:27 God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

    Anyone who exlpoites and defaces the image of God despises us, and it is much worse when an entire culture is taught to do so by State schools, and courts.

  3. “During the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast last year, which was attended by Archbishop Niederauer” …
    When will our hierarchs learn that the world laughs at them, and going to dinner parties with them does not help save souls one bit? Yes, Jesus ate with sinners, but it never says he went back a second time if they did not convert.

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