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Dear friends,

On May 14th, 2012, the Canada Science and   Technology museum will open their latest exhibit “Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition”   which will remain there until January 2013.  On May   7th and May 9th, between 5pm and 7pm, educators (and parents) can preview this   exhibition for free.  They are looking for feedback.   According to the website, there will be a sign above the exhibit before   entering, clarifying children aged 12 and under require parental   accompaniment. (Update: the museum is now posting staff members at the entrance to ensure under-age children do not enter).  Here is a link from the museum explaining  a little bit about what the exhibit will be about

This website, from the Montreal Science Centre,  where the exhibit was previously on display, provides more detail about what some of the graphic displays will focus on:

Here are some excerpts from this website:

“Homosexual and bisexual people relate how they     became aware of their sexual orientation.”

“Watch a colourful multimedia presentation on     the four phases of sex: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Once     again, the brain sets the stage, but it sometimes gets overtaken     by events…”

“Join an unusual social network where the more     friends you have, the less protection you have and the higher your risk of     contracting an STI. Take part in a funny but accurate presentation on how to     use a condom, based on a real instruction manual. Find the right     contraception method for you.”

As well ironically, there is this section “Take part in Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition by sending photos of     sexuality in the media and advertising to our website. Participate in our     online forum, and voice your opinion on the sexualization of     public spaces.”

As a scientific exhibit, the museum has irresponsibly   represented moral issues as scientific fact.  They are promoting a moral   viewpoint, that which is defined by the individual.  Nowhere does this exhibit   express a Christian perspective of sexuality, that of procreation within a   marriage, never mind the fact that many of us find contraception, masturbation and homosexuality to be gravely, morally offensive and are topics which are highlighted in this exhibit.

We will personally be boycotting the museum until   the exhibit is gone and we are suggesting that some families may want to request a refund or not renew your family membership to the museum.  This is   unfortunate for a family-oriented museum that offers many workshops for school   and homeschool groups, special events throughout the year and camps for   children.

We urge you to send an email to Luc Fournier at to file a complaint about this   exhibit and forward this email to friends and family.  We know many who think this exhibit is wonderful, and are   looking forward to taking their children/teens there.  Let us be the   voice of opposition!  The museum needs to hear that we don’t want our   children exposed to this!

Here is a sample letter to Mr. Fournier.  Feel free to use this as a base for your letter and personalize it as you wish using information from the email above.

“Dear Mr. Fournier;  I have recently been informed that an exhibit of poor taste “Sex:  A Tell All Exhibition”, is coming to the museum of Science and Technology in early May and will be there until January 13th, 2013.  Please be advised that I will not be taking my family to your museum throughout the duration of this exhibit and will be informing all my friends and family to avoid a museum that I once respected as being family friendly. I am confident that my trust in the museum will be restored if you immediately remove this exhibit from the premises of the museum.  I’m sincerely disappointed in your lack of judgement.

Regretfully, ————“


4 thoughts on “Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition

  1. There are not enough real issues in the world that your editors worry about an exhibit in a museum? And I thought the USA was bad.

  2. What’s really happening here is that the science and technology museum is strapped for cash so they’ve decide to shamelessly do just like everybody else and use sex to make some money. It’s not about the science or technology. It’s just about trying to lure people through their hormones.

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