Setting the stage for accurate reporting?

“the leader, that figurehead, this first among equals in the person of the pope

It’s a good thing that we have such a strong representative telling the media and the world just how Catholics understand the papacy.

If soundbites and tweets are the way the Church communicates its message in the future, we are in deep dung.

I’ve been learning stuff over the past week about the Canadian Church and its “pastoral” decisions that explain much as to why our culture is the way it is.

I don’t agree with what the SSPX has done, but I totally get why they believe they must work outside of the formal boundaries of the Homochurch to stay sane and coherent.  It seems to me that if I scroll through my mental Rolodex, there are many faithful Catholics who have been banned by CanChurch and AmChurch and that list is expanding.  It started with faithful lay Catholics like Voris and Westen, but now it’s including faithful bishops, even high-ranking ones from the Vatican, as I have painfully learned.

I think that the gloves are going to come off with the election of the next Pope.  I hope so because the status quo is clearly not tolerable.

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