Serenity Now Just Doesn’t Cut It

As South Africa Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier told Vatican radio today, the mid-term report was “not to the liking of many Synod Fathers who were objecting that what was said by one or two people was largely presented (and was certainly being taken up by the media) as if it was the considered opinion of the whole synod.” Added Napier, “And that make people very angry”. (Source)

Now, Cardinal Napier, do you really want to incur the wrath of the Serenity Now crowd?! They are insisting that everything is going just great, and they refuse to lift one finger to praise you and your confreres’ valiant efforts.

They just don’t want to admit the war that we are in…and the man who is stoking it is dressed in white.

It’s all good. They are content with sitting back with some chianti and pizza.

What’s the word that I am looking for….ah yes….freeloaders.

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