Serenity Now for D&P; Justice delayed for Unborn Babies

Meeting in Ottawa this 15-16 June, the Permanent Council of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) reaffirmed their confidence in the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP). The CCCB Plenary Assembly last October also made a similar reaffirmation.

The Bishops of Canada founded Development and Peace. They have always been involved with it by the presence of their episcopal delegates on the CCODP National Council. The Bishops are proud of the work accomplished by Development and Peace over the past 40 years, and want to ensure its survival and mission for many years to come.

The Bishops of Canada have wanted, and still want, Development and Peace to be an organization led by lay men and women. They want Development and Peace to continue its mission as a non-governmental organization dedicated to development in the countries of the Global South, as well as to popular education for the Church communities in Canada.

As has also happened over the past 40 years, certain questions have been raised during recent months about how this organization carries out its mission. A dialogue on this has already begun, involving Development and Peace and the CCCB Standing Committee on CCODP. The Permanent Council is confident that this dialogue will provide responses to these questions and assist Development and Peace to continue its mission with serenity. (Source)

Certain questions?

The sad thing about all of this is that we lose trust in the bishops every day that this unbelievable spectacle continues.  We’re into our third year of this merry-go-round.  And in the meantime,  as useless discussions take place month after month and year after year and (who knows?) decade after decade, the unborn child’s life is further endangered by Canadian Catholic money helping to enable abortion-pushers in the Global South.

I ask you, dear Bishops, have you no conscience?  No sense of urgency?  Are not the unborn worth an expedited meeting to settle this question once and for all?  Or is it going to be more damn sessions in the Fall and more Committees in the Spring?  Just how long is this broken record going to keep playing?

Justice delayed is justice denied.

The bishops have authority. But with that authority comes responsibility to act and act in a prompt fashion when gross injustice is occurring.

If they don’t want the responsibility that comes with that authority, then they should step aside and let men of Christ, who’ll do the job, get on with it.

And as for “serenity”, wouldn’t it be something special for all of the bishops to have such a desire for the unborn in the Global South as they do for the Marxists who run Development & Peace?  The unborn will not experience such a feeling of “serenity” because the last experience they’ll have on this earth is excruciating agony, thanks in part because of the blood money which continues to flow from the official development agency of the Catholic bishops of this country.

Serenity for Development & Peace?  You must be joking!

Serenity? No!  But anxiety, a sword, and a scattering.  This isn’t time for peace and “serenity”.  This is a time for the rocks to cry out.  This is a time for war so a great and true peace can prevail, not the false peace offered by all the foolish old men who want to marry light and darkness and who refuse to repent.  Repent, if not for our souls, then for your own!

Serenity at the expense of the unborn is no peace at all.

2 thoughts on “Serenity Now for D&P; Justice delayed for Unborn Babies

  1. Would it be to any advantage to write a cheque to the charity of your choosing, and drop that in the collection plate during Mass, especially during a D&P collection, (with instructions to please forward it to the appropriate recipient)? If enough people did this it may say more than just withholding a donation.

  2. Best not to put anything in the collection plate at all, Joe. Just find a good and worthy charity, like Chalice, and send your money to them. If you want to put something in the collection plate, put the D&P envelope with $0 on the front of it.

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