Seniors’ Day at St. Maurice

My local parish, St. Maurice Parish, hosted a Seniors’ spring luncheon on May 1 for the isolated seniors within our parish boundary.  Among the volunteering churches, besides St. Maurice, were the local Anglican, United, and Presbyterian communities.  It was a sizable crowd, approaching 200 people.  The purpose of the event was to help isolated seniors from the local community to get to know one another and also the various church related senior activities hosted by these churches.  It was a wonderful thing to see such Christian solidarity and mutual support for the elderly.  It was also important for our parish to lift up the dignity of the elderly, and treat them with the respect that they deserve.  That stands in stark contrast about what happens today in our culture.

As the culture of death squeezes the margins of our society through abortion and euthanasia, we need to strike back and remind the culture that every person from conception to natural death has intrinsic dignity.  The eugenic tendencies of the pro-abort establishment to exterminate the unborn, disabled, and elderly because of inconvenience or utility must be roundly condemned and opposed in any and every way possible.  We are facing a new and pernicious eugenics movement which perversely masquerades as a force of compassion.   The slogans they use, “freedom of choice” and “death with dignity”, of course, are merely euphemisms to push their death peddling agendas to satisfy a wicked narcisism that is simply out of control.  The people of God must use whatever means are possible to protect the dignity of the elderly as the next fight for human dignity enters into another dark age of the times we live in.

Little occasions like this Seniors’ day help to combat the dehumanizing efforts of the culture of death.  My little girls were eager to oblige and say “thank you” for the elderly’s service and witness to our country. And that even now, they have much to offer.  Thank you for your sacrifices.

Jesus, You Are Life To Me!

2 thoughts on “Seniors’ Day at St. Maurice

  1. My Dad was a victim of elder abuse in a seniors care home. After suffering a severe stroke he was left with one side paralyzed, mute, and confined to a wheelchair. He was so weak he could not feed himself. It is unclear how a person so debilitated could anger his care worker to the point of beating him up. The care home didn’t seek a doctors aid until the next day when my Dad was taken to hospital by ambulance. My Dad died less then three weeks later. The investigation is on going.

    This is the face of elder abuse. The problem crosses all provincial borders. What a horrible nation we have become to have to admit that the attack on my Dad was not an isolated incident.

  2. This is what naturally happens when a society rejects christianity in favor of Darwinism in Law and Education. This has happened by Court Enforcement and Government Decree. It permeates throughout the culture. Survival of the Fitest and Natural Selection are Darwinian concepts. Legality is used to justify Darwinism, and at Nuremberg each defendant invoked the Law to justify the Holocaust and Abortion. Of coarse they aborted babies of German women who were married to what the science books considered so-called lower races. It didn,t work because the West was Christian of sorts and considered them both crimes against humanity. If we may Kill children in the womb ,we may do anything at all. Our physicians are educated to think of suicide and abortion as though it were medicine. We have become like the societies we once rejected and fought wars against.

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