Senility and Sin

…The report is a 2007 updated version of the 2002 “World Population Aging” report that was published during the Second World Assembly on Aging. Following the demographic trends from 1950 to 2005, the report notes that the population aging is “unprecedented, a process without parallel in the history of humanity.” The report indicates that people above 60 years old are starting to outnumber children, those under age 15. By 2047 old people will outnumber children on a global scale, the report states, although developed countries already reached this mark in 1998…. This “unprecedented change, which started in the developed world in the nineteenth century and is more recent in developing countries” is right now “transforming many societies.” The report blames the skewed population ratios on the rapid switch from high to low fertility levels and increased life expectancy. …   Nevertheless, once again a major population report fails characteristically to mention any connection between these alarming population rates and the rapid spread of abortion, contraception and sterilization in the past century.


Like this is a surprise?  This whole “culture of me” is going to collapse in due time.  They will sit around and wonder why there are so many old people and very few young people.

But that could neevvvvvvvvver be my responsibility at all. And remember, sex is a private affair. It has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the future of civilization.

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