Sell the CBC

According to its 2010-2011 annual report, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation received a total of $1.16 billion in government funding in 2011. To put the number into perspective, that is 3.6 percent of the entire federal budget deficit forecast by the finance department for the fiscal year 2011-2012.

More than one billion dollars! Is this ongoing expense to taxpayers justified, especially given the number of private broadcasters, radio stations and television channels available offering Canadian programming  today?

We don’t think so. That’s why we’re calling on the government to sell the CBC.

We need your help though. We’ve launched an online petition asking the government to do just that – sell the CBC. Our goal is to obtain one million signatures on this petition. That’s never been done in Canada – ever. But we’re going to try anyway.

To sign the petition just go to 

Please share this information with your friends, family, co-workers -whomever you think might want their tax dollars put to better use. You can also download a copy of David Krayden’s paper Time to Move Out – The case for selling the CBC at

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