Selections from The Little Black Book

My First Time F—-G a Girl

by anonymous

When I was 15 years old I tried out for the Jr. Girls’ Volleyball team and became Co-Captain with another girl….Over the volleyball season we became closer and talked about all sorts of crazy stuff, like being attracted to another girl. The thought had never crossed my mind but she was always totally blunt about her feelings and slowly realized that our cute little mind games were actually HARD CORE FLIRTING!

She was going out with the high school basketball star at the time and was therefore involved. Her interest in him existed nothing more than [on] a sexual level. As a crazy bold move, out of pure curiousity and frustration, I wrote her a letter expressing everything she made me feel: the butterflies in my stomach, wanting to touch her face, the uncontrollable smiles we sported in each other’s presence and the intense conversations we held with our eyes.

She read all of my emotions in the letter in front of me and gave me a book to die for once she finished reading. We sat up with candles in her sister’s room and didn’t touch, but talked about the entire flirting process.

Q. Why do you think people have such a hard time with gay people?

A. I think we are all brainwashed by parents, TV and schools. A lot of adults are homophobic and so are their kids, until they grow up and get minds of their own. It is really different for guys than girls. Girls seem to get freaked out by gay girls because they worry they will come on to them or that they may also be gay. I think a lot of guys are freaked out because of issues around power; they may not feel that they have power or they don’t have it the way they expect to have it. Some guys hate gay girls because it seems like a rejection. There is that thing of it being ok for girls to be gay if they can watch.


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