Secret strategizing by liberals in preparation for Synod

A bunch of liberal clergymen and theologians, as well as a group of secular media outlets held a one-day secret strategy meeting this week. Full report here from the National Catholic Register.

There are many red flags in that article. One point that caught my attention was this bit:

Monday’s meeting is just the latest attempt to subtly steer the upcoming synod in a direction opposed by many faithful Catholics. A statement on the study day released by the German bishops’ conference May 26 said there was a “reflection on biblical hermeneutics” — widely seen as code words for understanding the Bible differently from Tradition — and the need for a “reflection on a theology of love.”
Critics say this, too, is undermining Church teaching. By replacing the theology of the body with a “theology of love,” it creates an abstract interpretation that separates sex from procreation, thereby allowing forms of extramarital unions and same-sex attractions based simply on emotions rather than biological reality. Gone, say critics, is the Catholic view of marriage, which should be open to procreation.

Which brings us right  back to contraception, the demon that just refuses to die. It’s the foundational root of all this chaos.

The saddest thing about what Cardinals Kasper, Marx et al. are doing is that they appear to have given up on God’s love. They refuse to see that His plan for humanity is the only way to true happiness. They seem to think that they have to create a new way, because God’s way doesn’t do it for them.

If only they could trust that God loves us too much to have led us astray for 2000 years.

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