Second poll showing Obama losing on contraception issue

This poll is from the Wall Street Journal and NBC.

When asked whether employers overall should be required to offer free birth control, Journal/NBC poll respondents favored the rule by 53% to 33%. Approval was slightly higher among women, 58% to 28%.

But when asked whether the government should mandate that Roman Catholic and other religiously affiliated hospitals and colleges offer birth control paid for by the institutions’ insurance companies—as required by the rule—Americans were opposed by 45% to 38%. Women split evenly, with 40% in favor and 40% opposed.

When Journal/NBC pollsters asked more specifically whether the government should require religious institutions to provide such contraception coverage—including the morning-after pill, which would be covered under the rule—opposition rose further. Americans overall were opposed 49% to 34%, and women were opposed by 46% to 35%. (Source)

But there’s a dark side to this poll because it shows that results among Catholics are essentially identical to those of the overall population. When Catholics were asked if they favoured employers in general providing free birth control, they said “yes” by 52% to 34%. That compares to 53% to 33% for the overall population. No dif.

When asked if government should oblige Catholic institutions to provide contraception, Catholics opposed it 48% to 36% while the total population opposed it 49% to 34%.

This once again illustrates that Catholics are essentially no different from the overall population when it comes to contraception because the clergy hasn’t been teaching on this matter for half a century.

As pathetic as it sounds, Nancy Pelosi was right.

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