Second Planned Parenthood abortion clinic busted this week

RICHMOND, Virginia, February 3, 2011 ( – Just days after an explosive undercover video showed a Planned Parenthood manager in New Jersey coaching a purported pimp and his prostitute how to cover up their child sex trafficking operation, the pro-life media organization Live Action has released full footage from a Richmond, VA Planned Parenthood abortion center showing the clinic agreeing to help the pimp get secret abortions and cheap birth control for his trafficked girls.

The manager from the first clinic, Amy Woodruff, has already been fired. It took them only one day to terminate her. (Note to Catholic bishops: watch and learn.)

Meanwhile, two congressmen and anti-trafficking activists are calling for Planned Parenthood to be defuned (they get $300 million in government funding each year).

Somebody buy a cigar for those good folks at Live Action.

One thought on “Second Planned Parenthood abortion clinic busted this week

  1. When Kinsey Sex Education and Abortion is taught as a definition of love what else can one expect. Why is our own Parliament considering to pass Bill C-389 into Law in CANADA,The Transgendered Bathroom Bill. This Bill provides legitimized access to womens bathrooms for sexual predators? This Bill ought not to become Law. For Christ’s sake wake up and help us in this Culture War. Professor’s Tom Landers and Walter Szetela worked hard all their lives teaching us why and how to win this Culture War.

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