Second Edition Even Worse Than The First

Just got this in from my colleague, Joseph C. Ben-Ami, the Executive Director for Institute for Canadian Values. The Institute of Canadian Values first broke this story and has done a great job in shining the light on this national scandal. I encourage people to financially support them in their necessary and valiant struggle to save our culture.

Here is the text of Joseph’s email:

The book being sold and carried in libraries is a second edition, so there are some changes that have been made. For instance, the line about God being a “dyke” has been removed, as has the reference to 80 percent of the population being bi-sexual. The chapter headed “My First Time F***ing a Girl” has been changed to “My First Time S**ing a Girl”.That being said, there are many other issues that common sense people need to know about the second edition that make it a dangerous book for teenage girls. Here are some examples:

1. The section entitled “Relationship Fundamentals” teaches nothing about relationships, dealing exclusively with sexual activity. Here’s what the book says about the first item, “Mutual Respect”:

“Sally is really in the mood and is ready to hit the sack with Alice, but Alice doesn’t really feel like it. Alice feels comfortable telling Sally, “Not tonight, babe” and Sally respects Alice’s boundaries and decisions.” Note that Alice and Sally are two girls.

The second item under the heading “Relationship fundamentals” is “Equality”. Here’s how the guide explains (notes in parentheses are added):

“Julie gives Pat a b*** j**, and after he c**** he goes down (performs oral sex) on Julie. They believe that they should have equality and reciprocity in their relationship… especially in the bedroom!”

Remember that this is being taught to 13 year old girls.2. Here’s an example of a healthy relationship – written by a 17 year old:

“The first time I had sex was an amazing experience. My boyfriend and I had talked a couple of times about having sex. We both seemed eager, but we both agreed to wait until the time came, whenever it felt right for both of us.”

“In our first week dating he told me one night that he loved be. I was surprised, but I loved him too and I told him. We spent lots of time together in the next couple of weeks. We fell completely in love with each other. Then, after spending the day with him and a couple of friends, he and
I were lying on my bed kissing. I kept thinking this was the right time and before I could say anything, he said that he loved me and asked if we could have sex.”

“I was completely into it – I was relaxed, we were using a condom, and I knew the person I was with was the right person”

“Afterwards, we held each other and I felt so good about it and it hadn’t even hurt.”

“My boyfriend and I continued to have a meaningful and very fun sex life for the next five months.”

“Even though we broke up and we never speak or even look at each other anymore, and I’ve had sex with different people since him, I’m glad he was my first. I don’t regret it and I’ll always remember it.”

3. The first item in the questionnaire entitled “Are You ready to Have Sex” is: “Do you have a partner to have sex with?” The second item…”Do you love yourself?”

Once again, remember that this is for girls as young as 13 years!

4. Here’s how the guide answers the question “Do you need to be in love?” to have sex:“No. Lots of people have sex when they aren’t in love. There’s nothing wrong with sexual expression; it’s part of who you are. The important thing about sex is that it should never be forced and should always be respectful.”Is it bad to sleep with lots of people? Here’s what the guide says to 13 year old girls:

“Once again, ask yourself if it’s respectful sex. Is the person protecting herself against STIs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and pregnancy.”

What does the rest of this chapter deal with? In addition to the above, here are the rest of the headings:

“What is good sex?”
“What is a Blow Job?”
“How do you have oral sex with a girl?”
“What are guys’ areas of pleasure?”
“If you swallow c*m, will it do anything to you?”
“Does anal sex hurt more than vaginal sex?”
Are there different types of orgasms?”
“Does your ability to have an orgasm depend on your emotional mood?”
5. There’s a chapter entitled “Once a Boy – Now a Girl” which describes the process, including costs, whereby a personal can undergo a sex change. As the guide says: “Imagine not being able to be yourself and having to constantly deny how you feel, what you believe, and who you are; these are some of the issues that young transgendered people struggle with from day to

6. Here’s a good one on abortion. A girl is telling about the counseling she received from a public health nurse:: “…it wasn’t a baby (the nurse explained to her) but an embryo and that at this point it was just a mass of tissue…” Later in the same section, the guide refers to an aborted fetus as “abortion tissue”.I hope this helps. I will try to have these and other pages up on the website in pdf as soon as possible.

I would like to say that I am looking forward to it, Joseph, but I can’t bring myself to say that.

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