Second Development and Peace Scandal Video Released by Conservative Blogger

By Alex Bush

June 23, 2009 ( – John Pacheco, from the blog SoCon or Bust, has released a video outlining the scandal caused by Development and Peace’s funding of groups that support abortion and contraception. Since the scandal became public Pacheco has conducted his own investigations into many of D&P’s partners, and published his findings on his blog. Pacheco’s video follows’s release of a professionally produced video giving an overview of the scandal (see that video here).

The conservative activist’s minimalistic video explains that the evidence clearly reveals that D&P has funded pro-abortion and pro-contraception groups, but also points out that D&P has consistently denied that any of the organizations that they fund are pro-abortion and pro-contraception.

“It has been alleged on some internet sites recently that Development & Peace has been funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico. Nothing could be further from the truth,” the video says, quoting D&P President Pat Hogan.

Michael Casey, Executive Director of D&P, is also quoted as saying that LSN’s actions in breaking the news of the scandal were “dangerously irresponsible and slanderous” and used “ill-conceived conjecture and hypothesis to deliberately misinterpret the social justice initiatives.”

However, the video points out that the Peruvian bishops recently sent a letter to the Canadian bishops, in which they said they “would like to formally request that the funding for the pro-abortion groups in Peru by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace be halted.”

Pacheco observes that the “fact that the Peruvian Bishops have to ask D&P to stop its sexual imperialism and exploitation of the poor is yet another disgrace of the Catholic Church.”

The video cites evidence that shows how various partners of D&P were involved in promoting abortion. For example, one partner says on the video that they were involved in “the struggle to preserve the legal right … to abortion,” specifically “therapeutic abortion,” saying that it was “stolen” from them.

Pacheco concludes by listing a number of things that the lay faithful can do to in order to help solve this problem including. Educate “yourself about where your hard-earned money is going,” he says. “Do not blindly give to charities calling themselves ‘Catholic.’” 

To see all of LSN’s reports on the D&P scandal, click here.

One thought on “Second Development and Peace Scandal Video Released by Conservative Blogger

  1. To stay credible, Archbishop Weisgerber would have to discredit the letter from the Conference of Peruvian Bishops requesting the CCCB stop funding D&P. And he did just that, Zenit news wrote:

    “Archbishop Weisgerber said the letter was initially received by fax from a Vancouver lawyer with the bishop’s name blacked out, and was only later formally sent to the conference. The archbishop noted that the communication was highly irregular considering the long, close partnership between Development and Peace and the Peruvian bishops. The bishops’ conference is still seeking to clarify the claims made in the letter”.

    Archbishop Weisgerber’s statement casts suspicion on the integrity of Internet news services and gives them the extra burden of authenticating the Peruvian Conference of Bishops letter.

    Does anyone know if the Peruvian letter did, in fact, some through a Vancouver Lawyer? That seems odd. I wonder what the lawyer has to say about all this.

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