SoCon or Bust Live Blog Coverage from the March for Life

I’ve managed to secure a friend’s co-operation in phoning in the recent developments at the March for Life on Parliament Hill.  So here we go…..

12:00 – Kind of cold outside and overcast. Buses of people beginning to arrive. Lots of youth. LOTS of youth.  Lots of enthusiasm and energy is permeating the crowd, an exuberance that only momentum can provide.  There’s a genuine sense of joy and optimism from people.  Lots of laughing and hope.   7,000 people last year. We’ll see if we can beat it this year….

12:15 – Pretty loud and boisterous crowd.  Majority are youth. Still waiting for the MPs. Knights of Columbus are out in force.  About 3,500 people so far.  No protesters to be seen.  A lot police officers are present. Probably because of the counter demonstration down the street.  I’m sure the media will give the pro-aborts the kind of coverage that the gay rights activists got during the March for Marriage. The ratio will be something like 1000:1, but the media will likely spin it like both groups were equally represented. Makes you puke.

Little background where we are with public opinion and abortion in Canada:

Last year, an on-line contest took place on Facebook, initiated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It was called the Great Canadian Wish List. David Gilbert, a university student at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo Ontario, posted the wish to “Abolish Abortion in Canada”. His suggestion won first place. Of the 16,000 votes registered, 9,543 votes designated Abolish Abortion in Canada as the number one choice.

From my blog entry on the contest…. 

Did you happen to see the look of the CBC announcer who introduced Wise’s piece? She had such a sour face on her that would give McCain’s lemonade a run for its money. Nothing like showing your true feelings about the results. Thanks for the feigned objectivity. One more small note. Mike Wise said in his piece that “Environics stopped asking about abortion 7 years ago because they say it is not on the political radar.” (see 1:56-2:03) Really, then why did this Environics Poll come out in October, 2006? Amy Langstaff, the spokewoman for Environics, then said: “The last time we measured approval for abortion, about two thirds of the Canadian public thought that abortion should be available to women.” (2:04-2:13)  Really. That’s it? No further details? Come now. Let’s have all the truth, not just part of it, Amy. According to the polling firm that Amy works for, the October 2006 poll showed that two thirds of Canadians want to keep abortion legal, but not into the third trimester. And 54% want it banned after three months! Why didn’t she just say that 64% of Canadians effectively don’t agree with the unrestricted legal status of abortion in this country? That’s a lot more accurate. Maybe she works for the CBC part-time. Also, polls have consistently showed that two-thirds of Canadians want restrictions on abortion in the third trimester. And 50% even after the first trimester.

12:25 – Getting kind of nuts. The buses are coming in. Taking some pictures of the crowd.  The crowd is really swelling. Lots of smiling faces  — a firm determination among the pro-lifers to overcome the heinous and murderous crime of abortion.  The presence of Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, has definitely given a big boost to this year’s rally and highlighted the human and civil rights angle of the abortion war. Pro-abort protesters have showed up.  Not too many. They’re carrying signs about   “Protecting women’s bodies”.  Not too many signs about destroying babies.  Going in for a closer look.  Last year there was a peaceful but emotional confrontation.  By the way, what are the chances this year’s March gets some MSM play?  Not likely. But just like the HRC fiasco has shown us, the MSM are virtually useless in reporting news they find unpalatable to their world view.

12:40 – David MacDonald (read his amazing testimony here) is booming out the tunes. Taking photographs of the crowd. The crowd is really large this year.  People are continuing to amass on Parliament Hill. The PM’s motorcade is circling. Not sure what this means.  Maybe Harper will grow a pair and show up to give a few words. Don’t hold your breath.  Got some pictures of the protesters, the rainbow flag prominently placed. Just finished the National Anthem. Speeches about to start.

12:50 – Jim Hughes says the crowd is bigger than last year and there is still people coming.  Press is there. CTV and CBC is there but that doesn’t say much. They might be looking for a “Cheryl Gallant” moment to use later.  Disgraceful.  The press is there but looking rather unconcerned and bored.  Both Liberal and Conservative Party MPs are present.  Pierre Lemieux and Paul Szabo are present.  Dhaliwal is also there.  No NDP MPs there. No surprise.  Going to see if I can pin down the media to find out if we’ll see any coverage on the evening newscast. 

1:00 – Police are surrounding the protesters.  Need to keep them in line.  Pro-aborts can be violent.  Not exactly enthusiastic for free speech and peaceful assembly.  Protesters leaving and big cheers erupting.  Can’t take the heat and the joy of defending life. They don’t have the numbers and they know, deep down, it’s only a matter of time. Gord Brown is speaking right now.


1:10 – Father Frank Pavone has taken the stage to introduce Alveda King! Giving a really inspirational talk. Singing “How Great Thou Art”.  Big cheers. Now giving her testimony. She had 2 abortions. And when she was conceived, her mother wanted to abort her. Her father convinced her mother to have Alveda.  (How sad).  But “praise the Lord, praise Lord”.  Now slamming Planned Parenthood.  After King was killed, PP targetted the Black community for extermination. PP’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenist.  To this day, the Black population has a larger proportion of abortions above the general population.  She talking about the memories of her abortions and her faith in Jesus for saving and redeeming her.   Free at last, Free at last, thank God almighty we’re free at last. 

1:15 -Angelina Skeenstra, head of Silent No More, talking about how she had an abortion when she was 15.  Her child was ripped from her womb and how she crying incessantly.  She crossed a line she should have never have crossed.  She was date raped, but the abortion did not solve the problem.  It only made it worse.  She could never bring back the child.  She began to hate herself because she knew she had taken a life.  Grief remorse and guilt.  She was given a sedative. She never wanted to wake up.  She started a 14 year period of denial. She killed her baby girl, Sarah Elizabeth.  She had lots of help when she turned away, but she fell into alcoholism and promiscuity. She lived on cigarettes and alcohol. She contracted STDs.  Now she is no longer enslaved to silence because of what Jesus and the Catholic Church has done for her.  She now understands her mission and her ministry with the Silent No More Campaign.

1:20 – Young MP is speaking, not sure who it is.  Appealing for prayers and support.  Ask to continue to do the work and thanking everyone for showing up.  Third MP is now speaking. Every year he shows up he has another child. Cheers.  Numbers are bigger than last year.  Continue to be part of building consensus on this issue across the country.

1:25 –  Knights of Columbus representative now speaking. Mentions the large number of young people on the Hill.  Speaking about the need to protect the human person from conception to natural death.  The human person is created in the image of God and that’s why all persons need to be protected by the Law.  Mentioned Bella. Need to support the movie. Need to encourage young men to take more responsibility.

1:30 The March is about to begin. Speeches are ending.  Prayer now by Rev. Reynold James before the March begins.  The excitement and enthusiasm is palpable. The hope is overflowing.  Something is beginning to change.  Crowd is getting restless. They want to hit the streets.

1:35 Crowd is getting louder and louder. Excitement is building.  Crowd is starting to slowly move toward the streets.  Crowd moving toward Wellington Street.  Front of line is the Knights of Columbus – about 100 of them in rows of 4. Lot of High School students with their banners and signs.  Chanting has now started “Hey, hey, ho, ho, abortion laws have got to go”.  Christian Women’s League for Life present.  Lots of signs:  Two Million Missing Babies. Life is the First Human Life. Right to Life for All Human Beings. Justice for the Unborn. Abortion is killing Canada’s future. Life is the Only Choice.

Half the crowd has now left Parliament Hill.

Someone has a big banner of “Jesus I trust in You”. David MacDonald is playing “Life is the Only Choice”. Youth for Life group holding up their sign.  Young people changing Pro-What? Pro-Life!

Beginning of March now turning on to Elgin Street.

Chant are now deafening as the crowd moves through the streets of Ottawa “Pro-Life”, Pro-Life”.


10 thoughts on “SoCon or Bust Live Blog Coverage from the March for Life

  1. “Hey, hey, ho, ho, abortion laws have got to go”.

    what does that mean?? we don’t have ANY laws. we WANT laws!

  2. There were also more Show the Truth volunteers there in front of the abortuary on Bank Street holding signs than ever before. I’m sure that the organizer, Rosemarie Connell, was very encouraged. I held signs for Show the Truth this year. It was an interesting change, watching the crowds go by with such energy! Instead of being among their number I was one of the ones holding a big picture sign!
    A security guard at one of the banks next to the abortuary came out and demanded that we leave the sidewalk in front of his bank, claiming that they had a special lease with the city and owned the property right to the curbside. He threatened to call the police if we did not pack up our signs and leave. Of course, we didn’t.
    Shortly after the marchers began to pass our location one of the volunteers began handing out info about Show the Truth. Another security guard came over and demanded that she stop doing this. She explained what the brochure was…and to my delight I watched as she handed him one and he actually accepted it and began reading it.
    Several people thanked us for being there…one of them was an elderly woman pushing a walker chair. Another was a Down’s Syndrome man who understood perfectly well just what abortion would have meant for him.

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