I had not checked Development & Peace’s website in over a month or so.  So last night I ventured over to see if they had added any new abortion-pushers to the list of 47 that you, the useful Catholic idiot in the pew, are funding.

Lo and behold, what to my wondrous eyes did appear, but a revamped section showing Development & Peace’s international partners!

Gone are the old pages by Continent and many of Development & Peace’s partner’s names and lists! 

In fact, if you click on the drop down “Choose a country” box, you’ll notice that most countries are featuring only one (perhaps two) partners.  Under their old format, they included many of the partners in one country.  I’ve noticed that the featured partner in the new format is not the most controversial one.  For instance, in Nicaragua, D&P is not featuring their most infamous partner.  Remember them with their big flashy banner which said that carrying a child to term was “violence against women”?  In the Philippines, they dropped Warren Bello like a wet towel. Now they are featuring one of their other groups, not previously reported on by either Socon or Bust or LifeSiteNews. The same is true for Peru.  You all remember Peru, don’t you?  That’s the country where one of its bishops sent a diplomatic rebuke to the Canadian Bishops.  And now?  Some group called MANTHOC which was, again, not previously reported on.

Some countries in which D&P had partners have been completely “wiped off the map”.  South Africa and East Timor are no longer listed as partner countries, for instance.

Is this a coincidence? Perhaps.  But maybe not. Maybe the pressure is starting to come down on the heads of the well-paid D&P management to “recycle, reform, replenish, renew, and rrrrrrrrrrr”.

Socon or Bust has not performed a comprehensive review of D&P’s new website presentation, and therefore cautions readers not to believe things have really changed.  First of all, there is no guarantee that the partners featured are not also pro-abort.  Secondly, there is no confirmation that the other pro-abort partners are still not receiving funds.  The only thing that seems to have changed is the window-dressing of who D&P says it is funding.  Now that they have hired lawyers (on the useful idiot dime, no less) to prevent access to information on who they are funding,  there is no apparent reason for releasing information on their website either.  If it wasn’t for their website, after all, none of this garbage would have come to light.

So, theoretically, if you wanted to stop the prying eyes of all of these nasty pro-lifers, what would you do?

1.  You claim that you’ve recycled and renewed yourself.

2. You show a shiny commendation and “confidence letter” from the CCCB to all your supporters and the assorted, useful idiots out there, as proof that everything is “back on track” after the “renewal”.

3. You bank some bucks and hire lawyers to stop any requests for information from “right-wing fanatics”.

4.  You cut the helium to the balloon  (i.e. Don’t divulge information on the more problematic groups that you fund.  You only show the public what you want them to see.)  The only people that you share all of your information with are a collection of clueless bishops.

Renewal, Reform, and Recycling are now complete.  Problem solved.   Move on everyone.


4 thoughts on “Scrub-a-dub-dub

  1. Is there any chance that D&P is factually no longer supporting the organizations they do not show? That’s just a question, not loaded, pointed, leading question but simply a question.

  2. I am sure our Bishops and friends are praying and doing what they can for Arab Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, who is scheduled to be put to death this weekend by Islam the religion of peace. Iranian authorities said he was convicted of apostacy, and will be executed Sunday October 24th.
    Yousef Nadarkhani was arrested last October when he protested that the authorities should not force Christian children to study the Koran. His wife was sentenced to life in prison. This is the sad reality of the religion of Islam in our World.

  3. Thanks for your question, Owen, but as I pointed out in my recent post, that’s not the case. Even if I had not found that evidence regarding Mexico, we could not assume that unless they made their new list available for examination.

    We have no reason to trust them.

  4. Human rights pro-life traditionalists are still petitioning Iranian authorities to release Yousef Nadarkhani and his wife from prison. Please pray.

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