The Sola Scriptura Dance
Any experienced Catholic apologist is quite familiar with “the dance”.  An Evangelical Protestant “Bible-alone” believer will accuse the Catholic Church of contradicting what the Bible “clearly” teaches, and of following the “traditions of men” rather than the Scriptural Word of God.  The Catholic Legate’s Mark Bonocore takes a look at the Protestant psychological raison d’etre; the nature of what a Catholic apologist is really dealing with.

Esdras Re-examined: John Betts Responds to William Webster
John Betts offers his rebuttal William Webster on the whole protestant invented Esdras “controversy”.

The Deuterocanonical Books
Fr. Ignatius provides a succinct and informative review of the Books that Luther lost.

James White And His Many Contradictions
Read how Mark Bonocore methodically dismantles James White’s belief in sola scriptura.

Introduction to the Synoptic Problem
Art Sippo discusses some of the issues surrounding the Synoptic gospels, touching upon “Q” and Matthean priority.

Esdras & The Early Church: A Response to William Webster
Guest apologist, John Betts, dismantles William Webster’s shoddy research and claims about the supposed error of the Catholic Church in canonizing the “two books of Esdras”. Click above to see how John builds up the Catholic case.

Is Sola Scriptura Reasonable?
Staff Apologist Mark Bonocore examines a number of propositions regarding Sola Scriptura and shows the biblical and patristic support for the Catholic position. Needless to say, the Protestant heresy is not reasonable.

The Word of God and its Transmission
This article explains why Catholics believe that the source of authority is the Word of God, both written (the Bible) and unwritten (the Holy Tradition).

The Bible and Its Composition
In this article, staff Apologist, Wibisono Hartono gives a brief overview of the Holy Bible, including both the Old and New Testaments. The essay covers issues such as the differing list of inspired books among Christians and the translation and transmission of the Bible into various languages.

Canon of the Old Testament
Which books of the Old Testament were accepted as inspired by the Christians in the first four centuries? Did they accept 39 or 46 books? This article will answer these and other similar questions.

Are Deuterocanonical books part of the Bible?
This piece answers common objections on the inclusion of deuterocanonical books in the Bible.

Canon of the New Testament
Most of us never question why the New Testament has 27 books. Did the Christians in the first four centuries always know which books belonged in the New Testament canon? Find out in this survey of the patristic literature on the subject. A real eye opener for Protestants!

Bible Light: Less Filling or Tastes Great? Scheifler Rebutted
Seventh Day Adventist Michael Scheifler of Bible Light Ministries responded to one of Wib’s earlier articles on the Old Testament canon. After reading Wib’s first step into the apologetic fray here at The Catholic Legate, you’ll quickly understand why Mike’s website is called “Bible Light”.

The Noose of the Westminster Confession which hangs sola scriptura
This short piece points out a little problem in the Westminster Confession’s Creed on Holy Scripture. It seems that one of its articles inadvertently supports Catholic Tradition and the Church’s Magisterium while tightening the already uncomfortable noose around Sola Scriptura. A short but interesting article.

The Bible Alone Trap: The Black Hole of Protestant Epistemology
This article tackles the Evangelical claim that the system of sola scriptura is just as strong as the Catholic system. (Both groups are appealing to an alleged infallible authority).

Old Testament Canon: A Brief Survey of the Evidence
A short survey of the evidence which supports the Catholic deuterocanonical books. A solid starting point for people who want to explore this angle from Protestant sources.

Sola Scriptura’s Self Refutation
Sola Scriptura is a logical impossibility. It is self-refuting. This short little article explains why.

St. Jerome’s Vulgate
Some Protestants attack St. Jerome’s Vulgate translation of the bible as overly biased toward Catholic theology. Find out why their objections do not hold any water.

The Deuterocanonical Books
A frank and honest look at the deuterocanonical books.

Unauthorized King James Version of 1611
Frank Jerry provides a brief overview of the problems with the KJV.

Do I Need to Know Latin, Greek, and Hebrew?
This short article explains yet another practical flaw with sola scriptura.

James White, Sola Scriptura, and Sola Mio
An insightful critique of the 1993 White/Madrid Sola Scriptura debate. If you’re a beginner in apologetics, this is a good one to get your feet wet.



Protestants Claim Not To Need Scripture…Except When They Do
In this e-mail exchange between guest apologist Brock Restovich and Chad (a Baptist), Chad demonstrates the hole Protestantism has dug for itself in regards to Sacred Tradition, alternately refusing it and relying on it.

James White Admits the Unbiblical and Unapostolic origins of sola scriptura
Click above and see this humdinger of a video of Gerry Matatics asking James White the following questions: (a) “Did the people in Jesus’ day practice sola scriptura?” (b)”Did the Apostles practice sola scriptura, Mr. White, yes or no?” Incredibly, James White answers “no” to both questions!!!! At least he’s honest, but the question is: if the early Christians or the Apostles did not practice sola scriptura, then why does Mr. White? And more importantly, if you are a Protestant, then why do you?

Fundamentalist, Schmundamentalist: Why James Patrick Holding Is A Victim of His Own Pseudo-Intellectualism
Mark Bonocore puts Pseudo-intellectualism to rest in this rather long dialogue. Read why Mark Bonocore is one of the top Catholic Apologists today.

Sola, Solo: Sounding Intellectual Really Isn’t Enough
Mark Bonocore responds to a critique from a Protestant on an earlier paper he wrote. Focusing on the Gospel of Matthew and the epistemological flaws of Protestantism, Mark leaves this gentleman “holding” the bag.

The Incoherency of Sola Scriptura
Jason Engwer receives a remedial lesson in basic apologetics. Read how Mark Bonocore completely obliterates Engwer’s position on sola scriptura, showing him that he has no objective standard for his interpretations of the bible.

The Angels of Genesis 6
Mark Bonocore dialogues with a fellow Catholic over Genesis 6 and the theological consequences of the literal interpretation of angels mating with humans. An interesting exchange.

When Sola Scriptura Did Not Function
Read the remarkable concession from Reformed apologist, Tim Enloe.

Sola Scriptura’s Bigger Black Hole
John engages Reformed Apologist, Tim Enloe, on the inherent flaws of sola scriptura. Read how really weak the Protestant position is, despite a very able opponent’s efforts.

Scripture: The Toy of the Fundamentalists
Frank Jerry exposes a Fundamentalist’s pretensions over Holy Writ.

Geisler & Mackenzie Refuted On The OT Canon
A rebuttal to Geisler and MacKenzie’s book Roman Catholics& Evangelicals: Agreements & Differences regarding certain false Old Testament Canon claims.

Art Gives A Bible Lesson
Art gives a bible lesson on a variety of topics. “Bible Jim” has sure met his match.

The Canon Of The Bible & The Septuagint
Discussion on the Jewish canon and some bad Protestant scholarship.

Webster’s Errors About The Canon
William Webster repeats the same old and tired errors of protestations against the truth. Read about their refutation here.

Inspiration Of The Bible
The subjective Protestant proof of inspiration of the bible is exposed in this short exchange.

Church Chat
John Pacheco and James White share their views on sola scriptura and various issues surrounding Church ecclesiology. The first salvo comes early in the exchange when James suggests that St. Jerome believed in sola scriptura. After a few tit-for-tats, both participants continue a more substantive exchange. An amusing read that will keep you hooked till the end. Please pay particular attention to James’  ultimate position in an eternal and transcendent truth surrounding a mini-exchange (near the end of the dialogue) on Mary’s Perpetual Virginity.


Q & A

Cajetan and the Deuteros

Why does James White maintain that 2 Timothy 3:16-17 sinks the Catholic position on Sola Scriptura?

Is my choice of an authoritative interpreter an fallible choice?

Did Rome adopt a New Testament canon that excluded Hebrews?

Is the Protestant canon determined by Mt. 23:35 – “from Abel to Zechariah”

Why does the Douay Rheims include the Johannine Comma?

Did God Condone OT Slaughter?


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