Scottish cardinal will urge all Christians to wear the cross

Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Edinburgh, Scotland will use his Easter Sunday homily to encourage Christians to wear a cross, the Scotsmanhas learned. The newspaper quotes from a text of the cardinal’s prepared homily, in which he urges the faithful “wear proudly a symbol of the cross of Christ on their garments each and every day of their lives.” The cardinal’s suggestion is clearly a response to the news that the government of Great Britain will oppose the petition by two Christian women to the European Court of Human Rights for redress, after they were told they could not wear crosses at their places of employment. (Source)

The Cross has become a sign of contradiction:  a sign of obedience and now defiance.  Good on the Cardinal.  If we don’t turn this thing around now, it’s the gallows for our children and grandchildren.

One thought on “Scottish cardinal will urge all Christians to wear the cross

  1. I am forwarding this to my priest, and ask him to send it on to the Archbishop of Kingston. It’s time we all took a stand.

    John, i believe something is happening on the ground level. are you noticing it too?

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