Score one for Bishop Fabbro (a small one)

Finally taking some action, albeit modest, with regards to a third delinquent school board in his diocese.

I must admit that I’m suspicious of the school board.  They claim to adhere to Church teaching, but when then would they invite a radical pro-choice militant speaker like Stephen Lewis to their event? Inquiring minds wanna know.

They defend themselves by saying that the speaker is an expert on global health, poverty, children, and education. “Christians should be open to learning from him on that level,” they say. This may be true, but surely there must be a Catholic or at least a pro-life person who can speak intelligently on these issues?

The problem with inviting a pro-choice militant like Lewis is that their conception of human life and sexuality is inconsistent with Catholicism. Therefore, everything they say and do is viewed through a distorted lens. This will be reflected in how he talks about apparently neutral topics like health, poverty, children, and education.

Don’t believe me? Look what happened when Development and Peace divorced itself from Catholic teaching. Their views on health, poverty, children, and education translated into funding for abortion advocacy, homosexuality militants, contraception, marxism, radical feminism, etc. You know the story by now.

Lewis is no different:

Lewis, who is lauded in the event’s advertising as a “celebrated humanitarian,” is a long-time proponent of abortion and has become infamous for his public attacks on the Catholic Church’s efforts to promote a culture of life.  At the Cairo conference on population and development in 1994, he slammed the Vatican for opposing abortion and contraception, calling their statements “torrents of thinly veiled misogyny.”

Also a major advocate of condoms, Lewis has said that Pope Benedict XVI, in opposing condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS, is “sending a message which ultimately kills people.”

“His words were, frankly, irresponsible and damaging and it was like inviting death,” he said.

On the same issue, he has said that the Pope is “living on the moon,” and presents “another example of complete indifference to the vulnerability of women, who are so hugely and disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS.”

You see my point?

If the speaker was talking about auto mechanics or interior decorating, it wouldn’t matter because the subject is not related to the dignity of the human person. But as it stands, the poor folks in London risk being fed contaminanted teaching on health, poverty, children, and education by this pro-choice man.

Unnecessary risk.

By the way, I’m not the only one who thinks this way:

In 2001, Bishop James Wingle, former Bishop of St. Catharines and then-Bishop of Yarmouth,objected to Lewis giving a keynote address for the Catholic Health Association of Canada.  He said the organization “ought not to lend support to people who have positions contrary to Catholic teaching,” and that he would “counsel them to be more sensitive in their picks in the future.”

“It is an on-going concern for the whole Church that in all the things we do that we do not convey ambiguous or confusing messages,” the bishop added

Exactly. That’s how you do it.

At least Bishop Fabbro disapproves.  Good start. But he has lots of work to do in the school boards to clean out the people who invited Lewis.

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