Scientists discuss relationship between abortion and violence against women

The scientists discussed different epidemiological studies, showing  that:

–  A significant and growing proportion of induced abortions occur due to coercion by the intimate partner of the pregnant woman.
–  A history of sexual abuse and violence is a risk factor for abortion and  subsequent mental health problems.
–  There is a significant  correlation between the increase in the number of abortions and an increase in  the rate of homicides against women versus those against men.
–  There  is an important correlation between the increase of abortions and the suicide  rate of women of childbearing age.
–  Countries with abortion laws that  are less permissive, such as Ireland and Chile, display lower abortion rates  than countries with more permissive abortion laws.


Now, that’s a shocker that you will never see admitted by any Pro-Abort ideologue:  violence in the womb begets violence outside of it.

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