“Schools to have faith in”

That’s the tag line over at the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s website.

Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell them that, by participating in the Terry Fox run, many of its schools are raising money for embryonic stem cell research, otherwise known as abortion.

4. Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Applicants are required to approach TFRI before submitting an application for support of research including human embryonic stem cells. TFRI endorses the guidelines set forward by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research ‘Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research (June 29, 2007) (www.cihr‐irsc.gc.ca/e/34460.html). (Source)

Or maybe they do know about sponsoring the destruction of human life, but they just don’t give a damn…because it’s all going to “a good cause” to “fight cancer”.

And if destruction of human life has to happen to “fight cancer”, then that’s just what has to happen, right?

Folks, what is the point of having a Catholic school system, if it’s not Catholic?  It’s completely dishonest and spiritually deadly as well.

Four walls and a sign that says “Catholic” doesn’t necessarily make it so….and nor, sadly, does a church-approved school board.

Catholic parents…my advice to you is to throroughly investigate any group or event before agreeing to participate.  The sad reality today is that the corruption of society is not something removed from every day life.  And there is no point in relying on those who have been appointed to preserve the Catholic faith because they are obviously not doing their jobs.  You must take the responsibility of guarding your child’s education to ensure they hold to the Faith and respect human life.

5 thoughts on ““Schools to have faith in”

  1. The Catholic School Board is out to lunch. “Schools to have faith in”? What is that, anyway? Someone tell why we should have faith in the Catholic School Board if they do stupid things like support the Terry Fox Run and support the United Way? Are we all aware that the United Way supports Planned Parenthood? And Planned Parenthood provides, you guessed it, abortions.

  2. I would also advise to write notes to the teachers and principal when they do ask to fund anti-life groups. They might not realize that it’s not pro-life. I’ve done it several times.

    The United Way doesn’t get a dime of my money. Instead, I give cash directly to my daughter’s classroom teacher. I tell the teacher to use it for a needy student. It’s probably more cost effective to do it that way anyway.

    If enough parents do it, that might provide an incentive to not participate.

  3. At least one of our high schools supports an Amnesty group. Amnesty currently supports abortion and refuses to act in support of a prisoner of conscience in Canada, Linda Gibbons.

  4. I didn’t know this about the Terry Fox run.
    I think most people wouldn’t. Thanks for the reminder.
    Of course, I’m going to double check now to make sure.

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