School Board Trustee Elections

I have learned that we have three very good trustee candidates running in this year’s elections. They are Marty Tate in Zone 1, Julia Muggeridge in Zone 6, and Ellen Faddoul in Zone 3. There is no greater assurance of transparency and advocacy for faithful Catholicism in our schools then to elect strong Catholics as our trustees. I would strongly encourage you to reach out to these candidates (in your Zone or not) and offer to support their campaigns in any way that you’re able. Time to step up and do something concrete to put the right people in those chairs.

One thought on “School Board Trustee Elections

  1. If we elect righteous citizens to our Parliament,Legislatures,Councils and School Boards,then evil Judicial and Political putrid fiat can be overturned.In Democracies citizens collectively are supposed to control renegade politicians and judges etc.Vigilance is required instead of political and legal apathy and indifference!Politics reflects the nature of the democratic society.This includes everyone including the political,legal and religious teachers.Politicians make our Laws by the Bills they pass.

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